Reflection: Who would be the perfect Audience Member for my movie?


22.-Get-Paid-Crew-300x300.jpgI made some research about who my perfect audience member would be. I am targeting the “Get paid crew” on This is especially aimed at the 16-21 year olds. Theyare working hard to set up their own business, get a good job and make lots of money. They are the youngest generation of my target audience, so have different expectations on my movie. However due to the trend coming back of the 50’s, I also considered Scenester’s as my perfect audience members.



Scenesters setting themselves apart. Creating new trends, are conspicuous and are trying something completely different on what’s the society doing. And thats what they are trying to be… completely different to everyone else. However as other people think their lifestyles are pretty cool, many people are following. And that would be a perfect chance for me to launch my movie with them targeted as my perfect audience.


However I also aimed the older generation, where I made a short clip about. I also held an interview with the person I identify as my perfect audience member. I am not only aiming at the generation of the middle-age man and teens, I’m also aiming at the elderly generation 60+. The elder generation I would like to include into my target audience as they were the generation when film noir came into the trends. They maybe would be interested in my movie, as it reminds them back into their teenage years, to the good old days, or also really enjoyed this type of genre. They would also be considers in the middle to upper class. I also decided to mainly focus on the male gender, as film noir is a really violent and action-packed genre. However I could argue that the love story of the two woman is very dramatic and also woman might like to enjoy that sort of genre.


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