Props and Costumes



  • Gun
  • Coat
  • Hat
  • Suit w/ tie                         548317a8655ae_-_mc-marilyn-monroe
  • Fur for woman
  • Hairclips, bobby pins
  • Red lipstick
  • Dress
  • Alcohol, or drinks which look like Alcohol
  • Pineapple-, Citron juice
  • Meals (ordering at Restaurant)
  • 4 Glasses
  • Paperwork for husband
  • Costumes                                  709a73e373c1208cfa5199fcc19ddd42
  • 2 Dresses for woman
  • 2 pair of Heels for woman
  • 2 Suits and Tie’s for Men
  • 2 Hat’s for Murder and Husband
  • Old styled Car


This task helped me to find out what is important to make it look like it is played in the 1950’s. It is important for the mise-en-scene of my movie. Mise-en-scene appears in the framing of a film and includes actors, decor,costumes, lighting and many others. As I will film in the genre film noir, it is important to look into the decade, to find out what the trends where at this time. A lot of fur, red lipstick and the revolution of the independent woman, are good point which I have to include to make my film look like a true film noir. It was interesting to see how the trends and fashion changed over that many years past. But it also gave me a better view on how my movie will look like with mise-en-scene.


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