I decided to draw my Storyboard rather to do it with an online Programm. The problem with the online Programm is that you have random background pictures or how the room is created. It took a little bit longer but with the creative freedom to decide by myself how the room will look like and due to constrained location I got, I decided to draw it. It helped me to make a more visual picture on how my opening will look like.

I decided to show my Storybord in form of a Video as it helped to show that the 8 Shots I got on one paper doesn’t mean that the scene is over. The smooth transitions suggest that it’s not the end and that there is more.


Unfortunately I couldn’t use the last shots and scenes in my final product as my short opening was way too long. However, this was my first idea of how my story will look like, so I think its important to keep it as I have it here, as it shows my process I made.


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