Locations for my Opening

I chose ten Location for my Opening, which i will explain why i chosen them later on. All my Locations are in my homeplace in Duesseldorf, Germany.

Becherhus – The Bar becherhus-brauerei

Becherhus is a old Building build in 1728. It is used as a Bar and Restaurant since 1928 and therefore fit perfect in the old building scheme for film noir traits. The old paintings and historical and antique inventory give the atmosphere and flair for a local pub.

Fortunately the owner of the Restaurant is a close Family friend and therefore it wasn’t difficult to get the permission to film in there. It is a well visited Restaurant and to avoid conflicts with filming people without permission but also to avoid sound problems due to Customers, we decided to film out of office hours.

The inventory of the pub is quite rustically and with low lightening, which fits perfect in my genre of Film Noir, the low lightening and cosy, comfortable environment let the audience think that its a place where the actors feel safe and secure and everyone know each other. Another important thing i want to mention is that we are allowed to smoke inside the bar as it get treated like a private party, this means my main actors can produce this smoky look for my movie.

Carlsplatz, Duesseldorf – Landscape Shotunknown

My next Location i may just take Landscape shots is the Carlsplatz. Its central in Dusseldorf and especially famous for its monument called “Jan Wellem”. It is build in 1912 and is in front of the old town hall. The town hall is build in 1806, and therefore have also a perfect fit into my genre.

However i might have some problems to film in this location due to the German Christmas market. Many people will be there and I probably won’t be allowed to film there. However I already contacted the city administration department.

Multistory Building, Haan – Linda’s Flat

These are examples of Multi-story Buildings in Haan. In which one I will film is at this stage not known. The problem is that i can’t take a look myself to decide which one is the best for my movie. However Im sure i will film the middle one as a landcape anyway, as I think it fits quite well in my American theme movie.

Luckily, in every of these buildings we have a family member living there, so I don’t have to seek a formal permission to film on these premises. Im also allowed to move furniture or bring some in.

In two of these Buildings we have a vintage bathroom, which is perfect as it will be one of my main film location, another old designed Bathroom is in one of my mothers friends house where we would be also allowed to film. The Bathrooms look like the following:

We will also have to film in a living room, which should also fit the film noir furniture traits. The following are examples, which i would have to try to organise.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mannesmann Tower, Duesseldorf 

The Mannesmann building I may use also as a Landscape shot, as the old film noir movies are filmed in big cities such as New York or San Francisco. The huge building helps to understand that the story take place in big city but in a local area (how we can see on the local pub, where everyone know each other). Big Cities are often closely linked to Businesses, Crime but also a Homeplace for many people, which is perfectly the place i need for my opening. The Mannesmann building is build in 1956, which is still in my time scheme. As its is a public space i have to consider that there is a lot of surounding noise. However as i chose it for a landscape shot, I dont need to worry that the audience wont hear the conversation of the actors.

Public library, Haan – Landscape Shot 

The library would be also a good Landscape shot as it is a old building which I could film inside but also from outside.

Cafe König, Haan – Bar/Cafe 

Cafe König is a small Cafe at my home place, it is owned my Uncle and I already got his permission to film without Customers in a evening under the week. It have windows full of glass where you can look outside and it would be a perfect shooting place. The old lanterns outside give the whole building an elderly flair.


Small Street, Haan – kissing Scene 

I have one Scene where my main Characters kiss. As they have to hide their feelings, as it was illegal to have a homosexual relationship. The small street gives a feeling of being insecure and hiding. I can easily produce some smoke as its a public area.


I chose ten different locations. I chose this locations especially to fully satisfy the expectations of a film with the genre of film noir. These are old buildings and also vintage designed inventory. Another important thing is that i wont have any Problems with the sound as Im allowed to use this premises alone without any distractions of Customers.

This Task help me to research locations, to analyse the posible problems with rights and sound. I needed to ask, fortunalty just friends and familie, if i could film on there properties, which helped me to develop skills such as communication.


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