Research Sound of Similar Openings

I chose ‘They live by Night’ for my Sound Analysis. ‘They live by night’ is a film from 1949 and is a movie of genre film noir. As I will do a Film noir movie, I decided to choose this one, as I might get some Inspiration from it, but also to see how different sound techniques work together. For me this task was important to know what other Film Noir movies are like and what sound they usually use.

sound-analysis-they-live-by-night-jilThis Task helped me to look more into detail on how different sound techniques work together. One thing I found especially interesting was how the production company decreased the soundtrack when dialogues started. It was also interesting how music can influence the mood of the particular situation. For example ascending music build up a tension, how we can see in 01:48. Or also the happy music in the beginning suggest that the couple seen on the screen is joyful without any worries. However the interrupting of music lead to the thought of a scary situation occurring next. I learned how important music and sound is in a movie to understand the story and the image seen on screen.


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