A synopsis is a brief summary of the major points of a subject or written work or story

My Story will start off with the opening scene where you can see someone is getting murdered in the Shower, out of this shot it will zoom into the gun hole and will have a time lapse in the past, this will be my act one for a set up. The next scene two years before and will be my act two and will include a big twist as, two woman meet in a bar and fall in love, one woman is called Linda, the other one is Mary and is married to her husband Charles. The ascending action of act two will be the next scene which will show how they kiss in a small street and the audience see how they go to Linda’s flat. In parallel shots we can see Mary with her husband, it is noticeable that she is not happy with her life and him. This is important to understand why she is with Linda. (Time-skip)23 Month later, Mary and Linda arranged to meet this afternoon to finish their final plans as they decided to emigrate into another country together so that Mary can split up from her Boyfriend, after she is not opening the door, Mary is breaking in and find Linda dead in the Shower. Mary decides not to call the police as she thinks her Husband is the Murder of her Girlfriend. Act three will be someone who is suddenly opening the door to Linda’s flat and we can see Mary saying surprised and scared to the Camera “what are you doing here?”, what leaves the audience to think who it is she is speaking to. This will be my opening scene.

The following part will be part of my movie but wont be seen in the opening as it should just be an introduction for my movie. After she finds Linda dead in the shower, she starts to detect after him to find out more about what happened. But instead of finding Answers, Mary find more Questions which she have to answer before she get to THE answer. Her Husband isn’t the man she believed he was and Linda wasn’t here love she expected she was. She finds out that Linda and Charles were Members of a Gangster gang, which worked against Marry, but why did Linda got murdered? Did she want to drop out? Mary comes to the resolution that it wasn’t Linda who should get murdered, it was her. So will she be the next? On her way to the airport to escape from this town with unknown enemies, she realises that her taxi driver is her husband as he turns around and says “Goodnight Honey”, and the movie ends with a shot and a scream.

I really enjoyed writing the Storyline down. I found it really creative and gave me the chance to develop my ideas. I had so much fun that I decided to write further in the Story, which helped me to think about something the audience wont expect next. As it wouldn’t be a true film noir if it would have an expected untwisted end.


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