Production & Film Institutions

There several Production companies, but not many which produce Film Noir movies. The following Institutions produced the genre in the past and were quite successful with it. Have researched wether or not they were successful with it, to decide which one is the best to create my film noir with.

Production Company’s



Hammer is a british film production company found in 1934, with their base in London. Hammer is especially known for “Hammer-Horror” movies. Their most famous movies are: The Curse of Frankenstein (1957), Dracula (1958) and the Phantom of the Opera (1962).  However, in the 1970’s the market for horror movies became so competitive that hammer lost the American funding. Unfortunately, this external influences resulted in the closing down of the company in the 1980’s. The company gave it a second try and announced in the year 2000, it will start producing movies again, but none were produced until 2007. Hammer is in comparison to the other famous American production companies, decently small. Another point is that Hammer mostly produced specific types of genre, while the big American ones (more on them late) produced more than two or three genres, to satisfy a wider range of audience.

Hammer produced some famous film noir movie called “Man Baid” (1952), “The Last Page” (1952), “Stolen Face” (1952), “The Flanagan Boy” (1953) and “Five Days” (1954).


Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Warner Bros in one of the famous film companies based in California and New York and is a global leader of the film production companies. As it’s a really successful company, with lots of retaining profit, it could mean they could put a lot of money in my movie.

The most popular movies created or/and produced are “Sex and the City”, “Harry Potter”, “Slumdog Millionaire”.

Famous Film Noir movies are among others “Backfire” (1950), “White Heat” (1949), “Possessed” (1947),


RKO Pictures LLC

RKO Pictures is an American film production company and was one of the “big five” Studios of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

“Murder my sweet”(1944), “Born to kill” (1947), “Desperate” (1947), “Deadline at Dawn” (1946), “Where Danger Lives” (1950)



MGM is an American media company found in 1924 and is one of the world’s oldest film studios. As it’s one of the oldest production business, it have a greater experience in the film industry in general than others operating in this business.

Famous Noir movies made of Metro-Goldwyn Mayer were”Dial 1119″ (1950), “Tension” (1949) and “Side Street” (1950).


Monogram Pictures Corporation/Allied Artists International

Monogram Pictures Corporation is a Hollywood film production company especially known under producing movies with a low budget between 1931 and 1953.  The firm is now a division of Allied Artists International. Allied Artist International recently confirmed producing new movies under the monogram banner.

“Crime in the streets” (1956), “Decoy”(1946), “When Stranger Marry” (1944) and “The Guilty” (1946) are famous film noir movies.


Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures is one of the “big six” Hollywoods production film studios, with its base in California owned by Comcast.

Universal Pictures mostly created films based around drama, romance and adventure, as they achieved great success with “Bourne Ultimatum”, “King Kong”, “Dracula”, “Atonement”, “A beautiful Mind”, and are careful and avoid risk with creating movies of another genre. However, as Universal picture is a really well known company, people will be more likely to see my movie then if i would produce it with a smaller business.

However Universal Pictures is to create movies of other genres, it made some really successful film noir movies in the past. For Example, “Double Indemnity” (most famous one, 1944), “The Killers” (1946), “Touch of Evil” (1958) and “Criss Cross” in 1949.

Which Company I would like to operate with and let my film produced with?

I think i would like to produce my movie with Hammer, as they have a great experience in this genre, in form of characters, settings, etc. Another point is that it is a british production company, where i can identify myself more with then an american film noir style movie. As Hammer is producing also small and independent movies it would be cheaper for me to produce it with, then the big American production businesses. Hammer is a small company in Comparison to the big American one, but it will be cheap to produce with and as they have great experience in producing movies with success, I think its the right company to produce with.

Distribution Company’s 

Columbia Pictures gilda-columbia-logo

“Columbia Pictures” is an American film Production and Distribution Company based in California. It is a leading film studio in the world and is known as a member of the “Big Six”

The most well known movies they produced and/or distributed were “The Shawshank Redemption”(1994), “Ghostbusters”(1984), “The Amazing Spiderman”(2010).

Famous Film Noir movies produced or contributed by Columbia Pictures are: “The Big Heat” (1953), “5 against the House” (1955), “The Lineup” (1958), “Murder by Contact” (1958).

20th Century Fox 20th_century_fox_first_logo

“20th Century Fox” is also a member of the “Big Six” leading film studios in the world. Their Headquarter is in Los Angeles. It was founded in 1935. It is especially known for it’s Animation movies and effects and Science Fiction movies.

Famous movies of 20th Century Fox are “Avatar” (2009), “Star-Wars” (1999), “X-Men” (2014), “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” (2014).

Famous Film Noir movies produced and/or distributed by 20th century fox is “Laura” (1944), “Black Widow” (1954), “Kiss of Death” (1947), “Panic in the Streets” (1950).

Paramount Pictures paramoundt

Paramount pictures is ranked as one of the “Big Six” film studios in Hollywood and is located in Los Angeles as many others. It is known as the second oldest film studios in the United States.

The highest grossing movies are “Titanic” (1997), “Transformers” (2009), “Forrest Gump” (1994), “Iron Man” (2008), “Star Trek” (2009).

We can clearly see that also Paramount Pictures produce a lot of science fiction movies.

“Double Indemnity” (1944), “Dark City” (1950), “Sunset BLVD” (1950), “Ace in the Hole” (1951) are known as the best film noir movies produced and/or distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Which Company would I like to work as a distribution company?

I chose to go with Warner Bros. Warner Bros is a huge film distribution company and has a lot of experience in how to advertise movies. Also Warner Bros has a big range of audience they could reach.

The reasons why I chose a smaller production Company such as Hammer and a big distribution company in form of Warner Bros is that Warner Bros might make Hammer to bigger production company. Its more likely that they buy the movie of Hammer then of a famous big film studio as it will be cheaper for Warners Bros. But a benefit for Hammer could be a greater attention on what they are doing.


There are different ways how a film can reach the audience. In the following I will explain Cinemas, DVDs, different online portals, public viewing events and the TV.

Cinema’s cinema

Cinema’s are the most visited places for people enjoying a film with their friends and families. Especially the sound system and new technology changes such as 3D-Techniques in Cinema’s are a reason  why people are going to cinemas, it’s an expensive activity but people like to do it as a treat. So I will definitely consider to show my movies in the local cinemas and hopefully with Warner Bros support worldwide in every cinema.

Netflix netflix-logo-in-optima-font-520x245Inc.

Netflix is an american online streaming portal based in California. Netflix started in 1997 as a small company, 18 years later it reached a global audience in more than 190 countries. Netflix most audience members are between the ages of 16-34 years. Online streaming programms have a small distribution of members of the social grade A, but a lot on B,C1,C2. As I want to reach a wide range of audience I will work with Netflix so that members from this platform can watch my movie online.

Amazon Prime amazon-prime

Amazon Prime is similar to Netflix an online streaming Webpage which also exist as an App. Amazon Prime is ways smaller than Netflix which a target audience in the age of 35+ and a social grade B. This could work quite well as my target audience will generally be the older generation, while Netflix is more targeting the younger generations. As well the Social Grade plays an important factor in which audience I will be targeting, as my movie, will be relatively complex and it require skills and knowledge of different topics to understand the content in my movie.

DVD’s dvd-video-logo_svg

DVDs are a great way of home cinema, especially due to the new technology of blue ray movies. People get more comfortable of staying at home in the evenings then going out to the cinema to watch a movie. I would take considerations on publishing my movie at first in the cinema’s and maybe afterwards in form of DVDs.

Public Viewing Events public-viewing-events

Public Viewing Events are a great Idea to reach the audience in different areas. I could sell my movie to a local area, which then show the movie to the public for sale. Especially in areas where I will film my movie, the local government might have a great interest in buying the rights to show my movie.

TV 50s-tv-watching

Another way to present my movie to the public are TVs. I would consider to show my movie in the TV program after I published it in the Cinema’s, as people wouldn’t like to go to the cinema if its on the TVs  at home, which is much cheaper. TVs are the most common technology in every household, worldwide households own over 1.59 billion TVs. New technology allows to have a “Home Cinema” with the new sound and video developments.


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