Jelly Baby

This is my Jelly Baby Video.

In a nutshell the story is about a Superstar named “Jelly Babe”, who have a concert in Elgin. At this concert a Fan is unconscious. Jelly Babe have to interup the concert. Two years later we see them lying on a grass in a warm summer night. Thanks to the accident they found their love in each other. Jelly Babe ask Gisela to marry him. The next scene is their wedding, where they confirm each other loyalty in front of god. The end is a slow motion shot of glitter falling down to the couple.

This shot I used as the first one, as it shows the environment in which the story take place. It’s between a long- and an extreme long shot as we can’t barely see the jellybabe, but we can see his contours.

The second shot angle I used was a long shot. In this shot we can him in more detail.

For this shot i used a high angle shot similar to the birds eye view. This helped to show what is happening on the ground level.

This is a long shot, it shows the surrounding area. As in this case the Ambulance in the back, this is important as it shows what’s going on in the background and it helps to understand the story.

This is an extreme long shot, that the view is so far, that the objects isn’t visable in detail.


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