I created two mood boards, one in the form of a crop out collage and another one as a normal collage.

In my crop out collage, I used the basic things which we can find in every film noir, while my second one, is more specific on what most of the movies have as traits.

Alcohol: I used Ballantine’s Finest, as I saw the brand present in many Film Noir movies. However alcohol in general plays a big part in film noir movies, as men often have alcohol problems.

Smoke and Cigarettes: Cigarettes were considered as an accessory, used to reflect attractiveness

Female Fatales: Female Fatales are in every Film Noir movie. A lot of make up, in form of lipstick and mascara. A man falls for the Female Fatale. Refuses to play the role of a dependant wife and caring mother of children, she tries to gain her independence with her sexual attractiveness.

Heels: Looking attractive and sexy on Female Fatales

Detectives: classic-style, old fashioned, wearing suit and hat

Reflection: in Mirrors, to give audience another point of view

Shadows: Mystery, unclear who the person in shadow is

Old Fashioned Lanterns & Surrounding Area: Urban areas with high building

Men protecting women: seen as heroes, but men can’t show much emotion as they don’t want to loose their masculinity


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