*1950’s and Film Noir

I made a Storyboard out of Newspaper to create a storyboard about the 1950’s to find out more the decade and what I might like to include to make it look like it plays in the 1950’s.

research.JPGFilm Noir is especially influenced of the German expressionism movement which grown in the years before the great war and developed rapidly after the first world war as Germany was isolated from the other countries in the world. Artist used Art, Literature, Theatre but also the Film Industry to express their emotions and desire for a revolutionary change. But also the dark and mystery way film noir is seen is due to the second world war, so I decided to put Winston Churchill on my Moodboard, as he helped to bring the UK through the second worldwar. Inspired by the Genre Horror, low lighting and high contrasts were used in the genre film noir, also Shadows. Flashback and off-screen narrators are techniques used in Citizen Kane and play a huge part in shaping the final genre Film Noir.

My Moodboard is more about the 1950’s rather than influences on Film Noir, but might be important to look for political situations, such as the Korean War. It is also important to know that in this decade the standard of living was unexpected high, due to the allocation of territories in Germany. We saw an economic boom which lead to an high employment rate, which means that my movie shouldn’t include ghettos, where we can see homeless people in the background, to make it look realistic and adjusted for the time. I also included the ” ’57 cevy ” in my Moodboard, which is probably the most famous car if you ask someone who loves classic cars. These car is more like a sportscar which made a great stir in the end of 1950’s.

This Research helped me to look into more detail of the decade, which is important as I want it to look as it plays in the time period. I would need to know the environment, which includes for example the political situation and Props I will need to include.


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