Jil Hentschel

Name : Jil Sophie Hentschel

DOB: 06/08/1999

Candidate Number 1728   Centre Number 69559

UCI Code: 695590150027X


Final Product:


Reflection: What went wrong during all my process to the Final Product?

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I decided to do a Prezi with the things which went wrong within my process I made to produce my final product. Unfortunately Prezi won’t allow me to embed it here, so I made screenshots of it and set the link underneath the blog post.

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So today I will talk about all the Problems I had within my Process of research, planning, producing and editing and how I worked on solutions.

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Overall my Process went quite well and without any fatal problems. However most of the problems I had after I done all the research and planning, more in the production process.

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Firstly I was really limited with time as I had 2 weeks to film my whole opening in the winter holidays and I haven’t had any time to do re-shoots as I would be back in Scotland. On the first Thursday back then, we wanted to film the first couple of scenes. On Wednesday evening, I got then a message that the main protagonist wouldn’t be able to be available for the next day, as she was sick. I was really nervous, as I thought it wouldn’t work out then. However, I waited a couple of days then as I thought its just a cold and she’ll be better soon. however. This wasn’t the case. So on Monday evening, where I had 6 days left to shot my whole opening, I decided to look for alternatives and as no one was available as everyone was on holidays, I had to do something as I really didn’t want the movie to fail.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 13.53.35.png

So I decided to get some professional actors from the Düsseldorfer theatre. It cost me money but it was so worth it! They have done an amazing job and were really reliable. I also decided to make more shots than I actually would need, as I wouldn’t be able to go back to do some re-shoots, as I would be back in Scotland.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 13.53.38.png

In the editing process went a lot of stuff wrong. However, I sorted them quite quickly as I couldn’t lose any more time.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 13.53.42.png

Two of my main editing processes got deleted and I had to start all over again. Also at my final edit where I was just going to add two more titles in between, I deleted all my videos and material from the laptop so it couldn’t relocate the material. and as my phone broke down a week before, I had no material left.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 13.53.44.png

It was awful but I had to work with a different program with a download of the second edit of my movie, to finish my project. I also decided to get a more powerful laptop to work on. Beside the laptop, I got 3 new editing softwares, which are high standard and more professional. To not use all the storage I decided also to get an external hard drive. I never used iCloud Drive before, so this was another program I got used to, with securing my material and save them for a break down of my device.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 13.53.47.png

However, overall I am really happy with my final product and it was worth all the stress i got in producing it and the way to the production.

Here is my link to the Prezi: http://prezi.com/7tzty9s7a-e8/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy

Reflection: How do I had to change my plans within the process and what is the final product now?

“My Final Product”

As it never works out on how it should have been, I had like man other find opportunities to change my plan to something which will then change obviously also my output. My Shooting script had a lot more material of shots than I actually used, as I tried to find THE right one. I also wanted a lot of Conversations in my opening. So if you would watch my first edit, you will notice how much it changed to the last edit. within the editing process, I had to cut a lot off. As I was limited of time, for the opening sequence. But I also never thought that it actually will be that long, as I never have done media before I just underestimated the length of each shot and that even good editing can’t shorten the video that much. So I had to cut out.. a lot and a lot of conversations which cost me ages to film as the environment was quite loud (for example in the Bar). I will also make a post on how things went bad, to explain specific things a little bit more. I also had to change my actors, as they became suddenly sick. Therefore I had to cut out some scenes of conversations as the other two actors I organised couldn’t learn the script in one night. This then changed the opportunities I got within the editing process.

I also had to change the title of my Movie on how actually planned. I wanted it to be “Goodnight Honey” but there was someone else doing media who called their film “Honey, I’m Home”, so I decided within the post-production that I’ll change it to “Goodnight Love”, so that it doesn’t sound that similar.

Most of those are external factors and you can’t see them coming or influence them. The important thing is how to handle those and make appropriate changes, which obviously will change my final product. But with for example getting new Actors, was probably the best change I could have made for my movie.

Reflection: What have I learned during filming, what I haven’t thought of before?

While I done filming I decided to make some Photos of specific scenes to explain now why I used specific props and angles.


This is one of my Scenes I used. It’s in a Restaurant where we were allowed to film in on one evening. This was a really good decision as they decided to close the restaurant on this evening, so that we don’t get distracted and can keep the noise level down. The props we have used were in this scene drinks and food to make it look realistic that they have dinner. On this photograph we can see the two main Characters, looking over the script again.


Here we can see an over-the-shoulder shot. I tried some different angles. But this one didn’t work well as you couldn’t see the face of the other Character, which is essential for this scene, as it really emotional. While the Characters were looking over the script again, I decided to try out some angles and I found a good solution, how I will shot the over-the-shoulder-shot.


This is a Photo of the scene where Linda get’s murdered. As the face of the Murder shouldn’t be visible, I needed to try some different lighting angles, to make it still look authentic. The shadows in the Background are really interesting, as Shadows are a good trait of film noir. However, I had to change my Lighting to make the face of Actor to something mystery, as it’s not clear from the beginning who killed Linda. I found that quite hard as we still wanted to see the Gun clear and with a good quality. So it took me a little bit longer, however, the final product will be good as I will try to do some more shadowing in the editing process.

This task helped me to reflect on how my filming process went. I actually thought filming won’t take up that much time and I never thought it would be so difficult to find specific lighting points, to make it look like a Film Noir. However I really enjoyed the work which I noticed again when I wrote about this post.

Reflection: What does my Audience think about my final Product?

I decided to make a Vlog about the Audience Feedback which I got till now. I also explain how reached the Audience and make some comments on the Feedback I got. After that, I decided to add some reaction feedback of some of my Audience. I haven’t told them that I would record them so that I can get even more honest feedback. At the end, I told them that I recorded them and asked them if I could use their reaction for my evaluation. Luckily they were all fine with it and had no problem with me using this material.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-03 um 10.32.41.png

On this Graph, we can see that I got 256 views on my Final Product, which is quite a lot considering that I just posted it on Youtube and send it out to ~5 people over WhatsApp. I got only positive reactions back for my Video and also 2 comments with productive feedback. I am quite surprised that it got shared 7 times, as I just posted it once on my blog and once to Facebook. However, I’m more than happy with that, as it means I can reach a wider audience.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-03 um 10.35.21.png

This first graph on this picture shows me where my opening sequence has been watched, country wise. I’m not surprised that most of the people (97%) are from the UK and Germany, as I currently live in both of the countries. However, I am surprised that people in France, spokenSpain and Switzerland watched my Video. This is definitely a positive thing as I can so easier attract a wider audience around the world and not just one country. As my movie is in English, which is an international spoken language I hope most of the people out there will understand my movie and have access to it. How I already spoke in my Perfect Audience Member research I aimed a little bit more for the male gender. I’m therefore really happy with the outcome that 60% of male watched my opening.

Here is one way how I addressed my audience. I used social media as it is a more and more growing platform and it’s easy for people to open the video as its directly embedded.

I wrote also above that I would really appreciate comments and responses below. As I got many German responses I let Facebook translate it into English.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-06 um 09.17.22.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.40.53 AM.jpg

Reflection: What I learned about technologies in the process of constructing my film?


Technology played a huge role in producing my product as a whole.


When I started this year doing media, I had to make a blog, to blog all my progress I made during the course. I decided to use WordPress as my blog, as that was the only one I heard about before. I didn’t know how to even log in, luckily I had a teacher who showed me all the steps I have to do to open a blog. The next problem was how to embed videos, links or pictures. I struggled a lot in the beginning but I improved quickly as I had to blog every day. On this blog I wrote down all the progress and improvements I made. And so I learned to blog …


Before I then started blogging every day, I had to find myself a name and a logo. Firstly I thought I could draw my own logo, but there were so many more easier opportunities there to create a logo online. I tried a little bit around and learned more on how to use Photoshop, but also used logo creator programs, such as       https://www.graphicsprings.com/start-your-logo  and http://www.freelogodesign.org. I never knew that it was so easy to actually create a logo and I really liked my final product and I am still happy with it.


After I had a logo and a name for my Production company, I needed to write about something to fill my blog with informations. I enjoyed doing research and I learned how to actually research stuff within the world wide web. I used Google most of the time to find out specific informations. I also learned that google has a lot more tools than I thought. For example Google has a tool which is called “Scholar” and finds Books, Quotes and more academic informations about a particular topic. This was completely new for me, and helped me than to make even more progress with the world wide web.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-04 um 20.19.27.png

Another Program I used to plan and organize my Product was “Notes”. I had it on my Phone and Laptop before, but never really used it that often. It helped me to write down my ideas and inspirations when I haven’t had wifi to blog them. I just easily scribbled them down on this program and added them later to my blog. It helped me a lot as otherwise I would have forgotten half of my ideas.


I also learned a lot about  social media platforms, such as Pinterest, We heard it and Tumblr. I used them mainly for my research, to find pictures etc. But I also started using those to find inspirations of other media students.

pinterest-logo, I mainly used to find inspirations and help on how lighting works out best etc.

original , I more used to find pictures of film
noir. They also had a lot of giphs I used for my blog.

gray-logoon the other hand I used mostly to follow other media blogs to find out more about other people taking media and what they  are blogging about.  In all of those social-media networks I found a lot of help and inspiration for my final product. And my knowledge about how and for what to use this programs grown
immediately after I joined Media in Gordonstoun.

My first picture editing software I used was Photoshop, and it was awful to start with. However I watched a lot of youtube tutorials to learn it by myself. And it went actually quite well. I created Moodboards and other special effects with this program. Now I am even teaching younger students in Year 9 and 10 on how to use Photoshop. That is something I couldn’t have imagined 6 month ago.


Originuum---Vetor---Plano---Camera-Fotografica---1.0.0.pngiphone-77-plus-40-b1ac.png      Apple_logo_black.svg.png

Within the coursework, I had to start doing short videos, to get a practice with filming before filming my final product. This was obviously a part of the process of producing my final product. However Videos and Photos I made mostly on Snapchat in form of selfies (that was a joke). So I had to try out more about my phone camera. I found out more about how to zoom quicker an easier with my phone camera. And new things such as “Live pictures” where the moments before and after you shot a photo are on it.

Social Media Platforms such as Instagram, Messages, Mail, Facebook helped me to develop my ideas, ask my friends for their opinions, or getting new inspirations on how my movie should look like.

Another important impact those apps had was that I could stay in contact with my actors and helpers on set. We made arrangements mostly over messages but I also contacted the restaurant owner via email to ask him for permission if I could use his premises. I learned a lot more on how to use them effective and efficient and helped me to develop my final product.


A different social media platform I used in my process is YouTube and probably on as the most important ones. I never used Youtube before apart from watching “How to do the perfect Eyeliner”(another joke)… But within my media coursework I learned how to actually upload a video and that you can also edit it later on. I really enjoyed using youtube as i learned a lot new and how to reach audience in form of hashtags for example. I also learned how to tag within the video and for what it is actually.

Editing programs utilize probably most of my time with the work of technology. I have never ever edited in my life a video before. The small projects in my coursework I have done with iMovie on my Phone but as it got more complex and I needed to do a more precise edit. I started to use Premiere, which was similar to photoshop.. .. awful to start with!! However I done most of my work with Adobe. The smaller and easier work I done with Final Cut Pro X, where I used also motion and compressor with. I’m sure the most progress I done with technology I have done with Editing Programs, as now I’m on a good standard to edit movies and short-clips.


My filming process I done with two different devices. The first device which I wanted to use was the Sony HXR-MC2500E Shoulder Mount AVCHD Camcorder. I filmed the first couple of scenes with it until i couldn’t switch it on again. So I had to improvise and film with my mobile phone the rest. However it worked out quite well as my phone has a really good camera. I learned a lot during the process of filming, as I never used a Camcorder before.


Most of all my work I done on a Windows computer in School. I never worked with windows before, so it was a huge cutover from iOS to Windows. But it improved my knowledge on how to do different things on a windows. However in the beginning of February I got a new MacBook Pro, so I done a lot of media on it as well. It was also a difference on working with my MacBook Air or with my MacBook Pro, so I had the opportunity to gain new knowledge about my Computer again.

I also used KeyNote to make some Presentations, how for example in my Evaluation. One Keynote-icon.pngthing I learned knew Keynote was for example that I could do presentations, where I present them, and then put them on Youtube so that others not just have some slides of written bits, but also my Voice to explain these slides.

A different technology is used was Soundcloud. I never heard about Soundcloud before starting Media. But because I needed copyright free music I had to find soundcloud.pnga program which would let me download songs without breaking copyright legislations. Soundcloud has  a special section just for tracks that were uploaded under a Creative Commons license. This means you’re free to use them as long as you follow the guidelines established by the artist. This is what I used to do with many of my Projects to find a good Soundtrack. I didn’t knew that there are so many copyright legislations out there, even if its not directly linking to technology. I definitely learned more about that, which then helped me to find out more about programs such as Soundcloud.

Overall we can say that I made a lot of improvement and development in form of Technology. While I used Social Media before mostly to stay in contact with my friends all over the world. I learned how to use these programs efficiently and with a complete new use.

Reflection: How did I attract my audience?

I decided to add some tags on my opening sequence, as I found that the easiest way of presenting what my audience may like to see within my movie. As I already found out who my perfect audience is. I now had to find out what they would like to see. Obviously have I done this research before I started filming. But it is now interesting to see, how it actually worked out and why they would enjoy my movie. In this task I worked more with YouTube and I learned a lot of new things to do with this platform. I didn’t know how I use tags neither did I know how to use hashtags for it.

So this is my final product in how my movie attract my perfect audience members:

Here I show how I used Hashtags to get a wider range of audience with simply using Hashtags.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-03 um 10.37.20.png

Reflection: Who would be the perfect Audience Member for my movie?


22.-Get-Paid-Crew-300x300.jpgI made some research about who my perfect audience member would be. I am targeting the “Get paid crew” on uktribes.com. This is especially aimed at the 16-21 year olds. Theyare working hard to set up their own business, get a good job and make lots of money. They are the youngest generation of my target audience, so have different expectations on my movie. However due to the trend coming back of the 50’s, I also considered Scenester’s as my perfect audience members.



Scenesters setting themselves apart. Creating new trends, are conspicuous and are trying something completely different on what’s the society doing. And thats what they are trying to be… completely different to everyone else. However as other people think their lifestyles are pretty cool, many people are following. And that would be a perfect chance for me to launch my movie with them targeted as my perfect audience.


However I also aimed the older generation, where I made a short clip about. I also held an interview with the person I identify as my perfect audience member. I am not only aiming at the generation of the middle-age man and teens, I’m also aiming at the elderly generation 60+. The elder generation I would like to include into my target audience as they were the generation when film noir came into the trends. They maybe would be interested in my movie, as it reminds them back into their teenage years, to the good old days, or also really enjoyed this type of genre. They would also be considers in the middle to upper class. I also decided to mainly focus on the male gender, as film noir is a really violent and action-packed genre. However I could argue that the love story of the two woman is very dramatic and also woman might like to enjoy that sort of genre.

Reflection: What kind of media institution might distribute my media product and why?

I made a Presentation on KeyNote on Production and Distribution companies. I also decided to talk a little bit more about my own Production company and where my name and logo is coming from. The work and research helped me to understand a little bit more on how Distribution and Production works and that its more than marketing and producing. I also learned more about presenting it and how to actually make a presentation interesting. Even if its again a video, I think its different from the others as it was more a presentation than a video.

Reflection: How does my media product represent particular social groups?

When I analyzed the social groups in my movie, I decided to look after C.R.A.G.S

C – Class

R – Race

A – Age

G – Gender

S – Sexuality

I decided to add into my film director’s comments, so that I could speak directly about the representation of social groups in a particular situation. The comments helped me to gain skills how to edit a movie with Final Cut Pro X, which I haven’t used before.

Reflection : In what ways does my media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I took my inspiration from Art of the Title and created a Shot Grid of my opening.

One example from Art of the title is the following one:

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-04 um 13.27.02.png

My own one I created with a Collage program online. This task especially helped m to develop my skills with app and photoshop as it took a while until I found a program which made a similar overview of the scenes.


I will now go into more detail on how and why I decided to use these shots for my shot grid and how my production is similar to other film noir products.


Camera Work, Lighting and Editing:

The lighting was improvised, as my lights broke down on set, so I had use a torch to make the shadow and contour of the woman visible. However it worked out very well and it looked probably better with the torch than the other light. Within the whole opening sequence I used lighting in form of proper LED-Lighting as I wanted to film my movie just in the evenings when its dark to satisfy the film noir treat of crime an you never know who might hide in the dark corner…

Different camera angles changed how the contour of the person is seen on screen, and I preferred this one over the others.

Within the editing process I used a filter with a high contrast of black and whit to bring out more the shadows and contour of the person in the shower. This was obviously not just used in this scene but also in others.


Font and Style: 

For the titles I took my inspiration of a different movie called “They live by night”, also a film noir. The typography is really important, as it makes a movie look like a certain genre. I used the contrast of black and white of titles and background to add a sense of crime and mystery to the scenes. The titles in general are really basic written, a little effect of a typewriter is visible though.


The Title of the Film:

I decided to make the title above a good establishing shot. Especially the industry and smoke let my opening feel like a true film noir. I chose this industry smoke as in the 1950’s  the main sector of Advanced countries was the primary Industry sector. The globalization and global shift happened in the 60’s – 70’s, as it changed more into the service sector with supplying goods and services. The title of my Movie is ‘Goodnight Love” as the final scene of the whole movie should be a scene in a taxi, where the murder of Linda turns around to Mary and says “Goodnight Love”, and kill her with a gunshot. Obviously it doesn’t have to do with my opening scene but I linked it to my idea how the whole movie could be developed with my opening, which I thought would be important, considering my idea of the opening. The type of the written title is bold, big and a true film noir style. The title is a really important key aspect as its the icon of my movie, so it have to be individual enough to stand out from other titles in the genre.



I chose this Scene to present my Narrative, as it shows the two woman who fall in love with each other and how they interact with each other. Here for example we can see how Linda touches Mary’s hand, which shows how affectionated they treat each other. And maybe that’s the reason she falls in love with her and loses the relationship to her husband.



I felt that this would be a great suggestion of my Genre. The Lighting of the lanterns show clearly that it plays in the past. The lantern is from the 50’s and no genre was more present than film noir in this decade. Also the black and white effect leads to the suggestion that its an old movie. The title in the right corner makes the genre even clearer, with a classic film noir text style.


Special FX: 

I used this scene to represent the voice of god-sound design. The special effect gives my opening a certain type of mystery and knowledge and used sound to present two versions of a single character simultaneously, in this case Mary. The voice of god appears throughout the film, telling us her story at a time when she already knows she is doomed; she also speaks throughout the flashback scenes, which helps to understand the narrative better.



This photo of Mary and her husband Charles sitting together in a restaurant, is an important scene to understand the Story. How we can see in this scene I extra tried to dress them quite dark, as its how you can see in Mary’s face a really dark atmosphere around them. Charles is working hard, while Mary is more annoyed with him not giving her any attention. In my opening you never see the three main Protagonists in one as Mary and Linda have a secret relationship with each other, what the husband hopefully doesn’t know about. Therefore I chose this scene to include him as well in my Shot grid.



I really like this shot as it is a close up reflected in the mirror. The lighting of this scene worked also out quite well as half of her face is lighted dark, which lead to the suggestion that she might have a secret or a different side of character. I included a lot of different shot angles and also camera movements to make it look interesting.



I used my costumes based on inspirations of other film noir movies and costume treats. Female Fatales were especially a characteristic of film noir. They often wear red lipstick and a lot of fur. I included two fur jackets, a suit, lipstick, hair bobbles, hat etc. for my props of costumes. Costumes are very important as it a part to tell the narrative. I choses often the costumes differently on the mood of the situation but often dark clothes to create the feeling of crime and thriller.

Another Method I used to represent real production products, were Narrative Theories. In this  clip I talked through a Prezi I have created with narrative theories I have used.

First Edit of my Movie

This is my first edit of my opening in the Genre Film Noir. I like the shots I used for the opening. However I’m not happy with it yet. It is far too long and I haven’t put soundeffects over it yet. I wanted to make the first edit to show that I will improve in my editing techniques. Something I found really hard in this task was the cutting out of irrelevant scenes, as I thought the story is better told with a lot of conversations.However this first edit helped me to realise what I have to change for the next edit and what I could improve to make it look like a real film noir opening. With my first edit i learned a lot about editing as I have never edited a clip before. It was also really surprising how my clip came to life and how useful it was to use different shots and angles.

Things I have to improve in the next edit:

  • cutting out of irrelevant scenes (dialogues)
  • Sound effects (clock;- time is running out, Shower, footsteps)
  • put voice of god over the scenes
  • transitioning processes
  • Film music, soundtrack
  • put my ident and the ident of production company in


Props and Costumes



  • Gun
  • Coat
  • Hat
  • Suit w/ tie                         548317a8655ae_-_mc-marilyn-monroe
  • Fur for woman
  • Hairclips, bobby pins
  • Red lipstick
  • Dress
  • Alcohol, or drinks which look like Alcohol
  • Pineapple-, Citron juice
  • Meals (ordering at Restaurant)
  • 4 Glasses
  • Paperwork for husband
  • Costumes                                  709a73e373c1208cfa5199fcc19ddd42
  • 2 Dresses for woman
  • 2 pair of Heels for woman
  • 2 Suits and Tie’s for Men
  • 2 Hat’s for Murder and Husband
  • Old styled Car


This task helped me to find out what is important to make it look like it is played in the 1950’s. It is important for the mise-en-scene of my movie. Mise-en-scene appears in the framing of a film and includes actors, decor,costumes, lighting and many others. As I will film in the genre film noir, it is important to look into the decade, to find out what the trends where at this time. A lot of fur, red lipstick and the revolution of the independent woman, are good point which I have to include to make my film look like a true film noir. It was interesting to see how the trends and fashion changed over that many years past. But it also gave me a better view on how my movie will look like with mise-en-scene.

Casting Shots

img_3260Casting Shots for my two female Characters

Amanda Rüdiger is a close Friend which I already asked if she could me one of the main actors for my movie. She is really pretty and have a lot of experience with modeling. I would love to work with her, as she is reliable and easy-going. As I will film in my Holidays and my time frame is limited, she would have to give up a lot of her Christmasholidays which may be a problem. I will meet her soon to discuss this further. However, if this would be a problem I will think of having her for a minor role, where she just have to appear for one scene. Amanda is fitting the role of Linda perfectly as she is beautiful but have some mystery within her look.



Yara Rifi is also considered also in the role of one of my main Characters. She is a close friend to Amanda, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to consider them as the two woman which have an affair, as it would be awkard for both of them as they know each other really well. Yara works between Christmas and New Years, so it may be difficult as many shoting times will be during the day time. However, she is full of enthusiasm to work with me on this project.


Jessica Lohr is overage and therefore hasn’t sought permission to take part in my project. Jessica is reliable and if she want something, she will do everything to work towards her goal. I spoke to her already and she said she would be more then open to help out and play a role in my movie. She done Drama and Theater studies in her A-Levels (called Abitur in German), so she have some experience in acting in front of the camera or an audience.



Vanessa Plitt is one of my closest friends at home. Vanessa turned 18 last September and is therefore also overage and don’t have to seek permission of her parents. She is a motivated and funny person and especially considered as we are close friends and I know what she is capable of and what not. As she is a friend of mine she know how important this work is for me so will work double as hard.

img_3435Another  I focuses on is Esme Edwards. She done AS-Level Drama and is just about to finish he A-Level in it. Therefore she have a lot of experience in acting and is really talented in what she is doing. The only problem is that if I’m filming at Home in Germany she wont be able to take part in my video.


Another Character I would like to focus on is Claudia Koester. She is fitting perfectly the Actor I am looking for. Claudia is very reliable and speaks also a high standard of English. Really uneven to her real Character, if she could play Mary the woman who is married it would fit her look as she is naiv . However her Character is not to underestimate, as she is actually really clever. Which can be seen on the voice of god sound effect, which I might want to use.


Elisabeth Wahle is an Actor with a lot of experience in Drama and Theater. I will definetly consider her as one of my main actors, as she is real fun but never lose the focus on what have to get done.

As she is a younger woman, she is perfectly fitting in what I am looking for my actor. She is fitting the Age, as the Character should be in the Adulthood whether in the teenage years. Even when she is a non-native speaker, she speaks really good English in comparison to the others I casted.

If I would work with Elisabeth and Claudia together, it would be a perfect match as they know each other for a long time, which would be easier for them to work together. Also the Age difference would work quite well, as Elisabeth could play Linda, which is younger and could seen as a young attractive woman, who is just looking for an adventure.

Male Character


Lukas Jeschke is Yara’s Boyfriend and also a friend of mine. If I take Yara as one of the main Characters, it would be great fun for both of them acting in front of the camera and could motivate them to work hard on the set. As he studying in Uni Medicine, we would also have someone on Set who could help us in an emergency. As he have Semester holidays, he have enough time which he is willing to give up for the short video.


Jordan Sparks is a close friend of mine and is working as a Model besides his Study. He has a lot of experience on how facial expressions work within the film and model industry. I would really enjoy working with him as he would take it very seriously has done many Workshops. If I would work with him I would easily get some costumes and help on set, as he have many contacts which he would give me with pleasure.


Tommy Schmitt is a friend I grown up with. He is very reliable and have good facial expressions which I need for my film genre. He would be a great choice for my male Protagonist also because he is easy to work with.


Another person which is definetly worth to consider for my male actor is Christian Deer, he is an English-native speaker, which could help a lot, with understanding the storyline and how to react in different scenes. Also the Age plays an important role in my movie, as he would be the Husband from one of my main Actors. To make my film look realistic, he would have to be a middle-age man.

Overall I decided to use Claudia Koester for the female Character Mary and her friend Elisabeth for the woman called Linda. As I had two middle-age characters already, I decided to get Christian Deer as my third male character to let it look authentic and real.

In this task i learned how important it is that the look of my protagonists are very similar to their role they have within my movie. But also how important it is to have relieable People who I trust that they take my prodcution serious.


I decided to draw my Storyboard rather to do it with an online Programm. The problem with the online Programm is that you have random background pictures or how the room is created. It took a little bit longer but with the creative freedom to decide by myself how the room will look like and due to constrained location I got, I decided to draw it. It helped me to make a more visual picture on how my opening will look like.

I decided to show my Storybord in form of a Video as it helped to show that the 8 Shots I got on one paper doesn’t mean that the scene is over. The smooth transitions suggest that it’s not the end and that there is more.


Unfortunately I couldn’t use the last shots and scenes in my final product as my short opening was way too long. However, this was my first idea of how my story will look like, so I think its important to keep it as I have it here, as it shows my process I made.

Risk Assessment

I have done a Risk assessment Checklist to check on every Set that I minimised the Risk. You can’t avoid completely the risk but you reduce it to a level that you are not responsible for any Accidents. The whole Crew have to agree with this policy, as it’s fundamental to keep the safety of everyone on a high standard. It is important to keep the Crew, yourself but also the equipment and surrounding Environment safe. I’m, as the Producer, responsible for the safety on Set and have to ensure that the following hazards are reduced to a low-risk level.

The following Checklist is a rating on the Hazard and a Strategy how I the Producer can reduce the risk. I also included some emergency number of for example the police, ambulance or local chemist, so that in case we have any problems we have the numbers prepared.


This Task helped me to look into more detail in the scenes and possible risk which are closely linked. I learned that I am after Law responsible to ensure that the safety of my crew is guaranteed. It was interesting to see what actually all could happen without following these strategies. This Task was very important to do, to have a high safety on set. As we are filming in Germany I especially looked up the German Law Legislations, and it was interesting to see that there are small differences to those in Britain, for example filming in Public.

Locations for my Opening

I chose ten Location for my Opening, which i will explain why i chosen them later on. All my Locations are in my homeplace in Duesseldorf, Germany.

Becherhus – The Bar becherhus-brauerei

Becherhus is a old Building build in 1728. It is used as a Bar and Restaurant since 1928 and therefore fit perfect in the old building scheme for film noir traits. The old paintings and historical and antique inventory give the atmosphere and flair for a local pub.

Fortunately the owner of the Restaurant is a close Family friend and therefore it wasn’t difficult to get the permission to film in there. It is a well visited Restaurant and to avoid conflicts with filming people without permission but also to avoid sound problems due to Customers, we decided to film out of office hours.

The inventory of the pub is quite rustically and with low lightening, which fits perfect in my genre of Film Noir, the low lightening and cosy, comfortable environment let the audience think that its a place where the actors feel safe and secure and everyone know each other. Another important thing i want to mention is that we are allowed to smoke inside the bar as it get treated like a private party, this means my main actors can produce this smoky look for my movie.

Carlsplatz, Duesseldorf – Landscape Shotunknown

My next Location i may just take Landscape shots is the Carlsplatz. Its central in Dusseldorf and especially famous for its monument called “Jan Wellem”. It is build in 1912 and is in front of the old town hall. The town hall is build in 1806, and therefore have also a perfect fit into my genre.

However i might have some problems to film in this location due to the German Christmas market. Many people will be there and I probably won’t be allowed to film there. However I already contacted the city administration department.

Multistory Building, Haan – Linda’s Flat

These are examples of Multi-story Buildings in Haan. In which one I will film is at this stage not known. The problem is that i can’t take a look myself to decide which one is the best for my movie. However Im sure i will film the middle one as a landcape anyway, as I think it fits quite well in my American theme movie.

Luckily, in every of these buildings we have a family member living there, so I don’t have to seek a formal permission to film on these premises. Im also allowed to move furniture or bring some in.

In two of these Buildings we have a vintage bathroom, which is perfect as it will be one of my main film location, another old designed Bathroom is in one of my mothers friends house where we would be also allowed to film. The Bathrooms look like the following:

We will also have to film in a living room, which should also fit the film noir furniture traits. The following are examples, which i would have to try to organise.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mannesmann Tower, Duesseldorf 

The Mannesmann building I may use also as a Landscape shot, as the old film noir movies are filmed in big cities such as New York or San Francisco. The huge building helps to understand that the story take place in big city but in a local area (how we can see on the local pub, where everyone know each other). Big Cities are often closely linked to Businesses, Crime but also a Homeplace for many people, which is perfectly the place i need for my opening. The Mannesmann building is build in 1956, which is still in my time scheme. As its is a public space i have to consider that there is a lot of surounding noise. However as i chose it for a landscape shot, I dont need to worry that the audience wont hear the conversation of the actors.

Public library, Haan – Landscape Shot 

The library would be also a good Landscape shot as it is a old building which I could film inside but also from outside.

Cafe König, Haan – Bar/Cafe 

Cafe König is a small Cafe at my home place, it is owned my Uncle and I already got his permission to film without Customers in a evening under the week. It have windows full of glass where you can look outside and it would be a perfect shooting place. The old lanterns outside give the whole building an elderly flair.


Small Street, Haan – kissing Scene 

I have one Scene where my main Characters kiss. As they have to hide their feelings, as it was illegal to have a homosexual relationship. The small street gives a feeling of being insecure and hiding. I can easily produce some smoke as its a public area.


I chose ten different locations. I chose this locations especially to fully satisfy the expectations of a film with the genre of film noir. These are old buildings and also vintage designed inventory. Another important thing is that i wont have any Problems with the sound as Im allowed to use this premises alone without any distractions of Customers.

This Task help me to research locations, to analyse the posible problems with rights and sound. I needed to ask, fortunalty just friends and familie, if i could film on there properties, which helped me to develop skills such as communication.

Shot List and Shooting Script

The following will be my Shot list and Shooting script. This task helped to develop my storyboard further into more detail. It will be really important and help me a lot with the production of the movie, as it is easy to see as the different shots have small defintions what I will have to include. I learned more about angles and cameras position and movement, and how it actually will work all together.

Sound and Dialogues

Scene 1

(Linda, Charles    in house – bathroom)

/ Shot 1 High angle shot – walking foot

/ Shot 2 Wide Shot – Lightning is turning suddenly off, audience hear water in shower

/ Shot 2    Linda: “Hello”

/ Shot 3 High Angle Shot – footsteps again – use recorder

/ Shot 4    Wide Shot *Shower turning off* – use recorder

/ Shot 4    Linda: “Someone there?”

*/ Shot 4 in position of Linda, seeing shadow in curtain

/ Shot 5 Extreme close up someone is holding up Gun, with leather gloves, hearing the “Bang”

/ Shot 6 Mid-shot can see someone holding the gun up, person is not visible due to low lightening

/ Shot 7 score technique – zoom in , into gun hole

/ Shot 8 Black – EDIT

Scene 2 

(Mary, Linda, Waiter,           People in Background)

(In Bar/Restaurant) ( people in background not move!)

/ Shot 9 Bar in Dusseldorf from outside, people are walking in, two people chattering and smoking outside

/ Shot 11 Long-Shot, audience can see back of Mary – Mary sitting on Bar chair, tracking movement

/ Shot 11 Crowd: *Talking, loud sound* – use recorder

/ Shot 12 Mid-Long shot, audience see people in the background

/ Shot 13 Extreme Close up, Mary is playing with her ring

*/ Shot 13 Close-up Mary’s face

/ Shot 14 High-angle shot, bar as a whole is visible

/ Shot 14 *opening door, hearing footsteps of Linda entering * – use recorder

/ Shot 15 Tracking, pan & whip pan camera movement when Linda is entering the room

/ Shot 15 *hearing woman sitting down on chair* – use recorder

/ Shot 16 Mid shot, woman sits down and looks confused at the menu

/ Shot 17 Side-shot but still mid shot, Linda is looking over to Mary

/ Shot 18 Mid front shot

*/ Shot 18 Medium Close-up

/ Shot 18 Linda: “What drink are you having?”

/ Shot 18 Mary: “Tom Collins”            

/ Shot 18 Linda: “One Tom Collins please” 

/ Shot 18 – Waiter nod

/ Shot 19 Linda: “So what is a woman doing in bar at this time when she’s married?” 

/ Shot 19 Mary: *laugh quietly* “If you only knew…” 

/ Shot 19 Linda: “What’s your name?”

/ Shot 19 Mary: “Mary. Mary Williams.”

/ Shot 19 Linda: “British? Interesting?”

/ Shot 19 Mary: “Wales, moved to America, because my Husband got a good job here, I really miss the UK (….) What’s your name?”

/ Shot 19 Linda: ”Excuse me, my name is Linda. Who is your husband? Someone big? What is he doing?”

/ Shot 19 Mary: “Honestly (..) I don’t know. He keeps me out of everything he does. And when I try to ask him about Wales and if we could move back he ignores me.” 

/ Shot 19 Linda: “Why do you not move back? By yourself? Just go and leave him behind!

/ Shot 20 Zoom out 

/ Shot 20 Mary: “If it could be as easy as that (…) Whatever, what’s with you? I’ve never ever seen you here before.”

/ Shot 20 Linda: “I moved here two weeks ago, split up with my boyfriend and wanted to start off again. It’s a beautiful town and Im glad I made this decision. Do you want another drink?”

/ Shot 20 Mary: “Sure, thanks” 

/ Shot 20 Linda: *put hand up* “Two Tom Collins, please”

/ Shot 20 Mary: “Yes its beautiful, have you seen the monument on the Richard-circle? I can show you around if you like.”

/ Shot 20 – conversation is blending in with general noise in Bar

Scene 3 

(Street kissing – record kissing sound)

(Linda and Mary)

/ Shot 21 Long shot, hear kissing 

/ Shot 22 Mid-Long shot kissing

/ Shot 22 Linda:”Do you wanna come to mine” – whispering

Scene 4

(Going home to Linda’s flat. Door closing.)

(Linda and Mary)

/ Shot 23 Long landscape shot – seeing linda and mary walking

*/ Shot 23 Mid-long shot – walking behind after them , before they walk into flat stay there and film the door closing with pan or whip pan shot.

*/ Shot 23 long shot door closing

*/ Shot 23 mid shot door closing

Scene 5

(in Bar/Restaurant/Café)

(Mary and Linda,             3-4 people around – record sound for 4 mins)

/ Shot 25 Long-shot, Mary and Linda sitting in Cafe with shopping bags

*/ Shot 25 Long shot, zoom in

/ Shot 25 Linda: “I think you will look stunning in your new dress. I look forward to seeing it on you”

/ Shot 26 Over the shoulder shot

/ Shot 26  Mary: “In Wales we had a shop, which sold this type of clothing” 

/ Shot 27 Reverse Shot

/ Shot 27-28 Linda: “Don’t worry, everything will be fine, its two more weeks darling”

/ Shot 28 Medium-long shot , Linda touching Marys arm

*/ Shot 28 Medium long shot, tracking – zoom in, linda touches mary’s arm

*/ Shot 28 Close up, Linda touch Mary on Arm, Mary is starring at the arm

*/ Shot 28 Close-up at Mary’s arm

*/ Shot 28 Close up, tilt camera movement, camera faces down on arm but then moves up to Mary’s face

/ Shot 29 Arc-movement, close up shot. Camera moves around Mary, Mary is still starring at arm, change in Scene, Mary needs different clothes

Scene 6

(in Bar/Restaurant/Café – same one as scene before)

(Charles and Mary,                 2-3 people around – record sound of talking) (we need paper and some books)

/ Shot 30 Zoom-out, turns to an over the shoulder shot

/ Shot 31 Reverse Shot  Charles is doing work, doesn’t pay any interest or attention to Mary, she just stares at him and suddenly rolls her eyes

/ Shot 32 Over the shoulder again

/ Shot 32 Mary: “I can’t do this anymore, Charles! I’m not happy  with this anymore”

/ Shot 33 Reverse Shot

/ Shot 33 Charles: “What are you talking about? Your hormones are crazy! (…) I really have to get this work done (..), do you mind?”

/ Shot 34 *Mary is getting up from chair* – use recorder

/ Shot 35 Long shot, pan & whip pan camera movement *Mary is walking* – record footsteps

/ Shot 35 he is looking after her but carrying on with his work

Scene 7 

(Linda, Mary                same 3-4 people around)

(in Bar/Restaurant/Cafe – same place as before) 

/ Shot 37 Subjective shot which turn into a over shoulder shot 

/ Shot 37 *hear people talking in the background*

/ Shot 37-38 Linda:”Marry? Whats up? Are you ok?”

/ Shot 38 medium long shot

/ Shot 38 Marry:”Yeah, sure! Where did we stop?”

*/ Shot 38 Medium shot, from the side of Mary focusing on Linda

/ Shot 38 Linda:”I booked the flight tickets now, i would suggest you start packing now, but obviously keep it quiet, we don’t want Charles to know anything!” 

*/ Shot 38 Medium shot, from the side of Linda focusing on Mary

/ Shot 38 Mary:”Of course, but bring warm clothes that are especially waterproof, i guess you’ve heard about the british weather?”

/ Shot 38  medium long shot *both start laughing*

Scene 8

/ Shot 40 Long – shot turning into medium long shot – zoom in

/ Shot 40 *hear cars on the roads, footsteps of Mary and Linda to car, hear doors of car closing*

/ Shot 41 backseat shot, linda and Mary entering car

/ Shot 41 Marry:”So how has your day been?” 

/ Shot 41 Linda:”Pretty good so far I guess. (…) You know you look really good today, are you wearing a new lipstick? It really suits you!” 

/ Shot 42 *zoom-in the landscape*

Scene 9

/ Shot 42 zoom-out of landscape ( have to be the same landscape as shot before)

/ Shot 43 extreme close-up on mirror she is doing her lipstick in – reflection

/ Shot 43 *Marry doing her lipstick*

/ Shot 43 Charles:”Can you listen to me and stop doing your lipstick? Why have you not cooked the last couple of days? Im work the whole day and expect that you do other than just enjoying yourself!” 

/ Shot 43 *can see Mary eye rolling in mirror*

/ Shot 44 car driving past long shot – landscape shot

*/ Shot 44 long shot – whip pan camera movement

Scene 10 

/ Shot 45 medium long shot, camera walking after her

/ Shot 45 *marry running up the stairs, can hear footsteps & breathing*

*/ Shot 45 mid-long shot – marry running up the stairs

/ Shot 46 Upstair shot – see her running towards camera

/ Shot 47 Medium Long shot

/ Shot 47 *knocking on door*

/ Shot 47 Mary:”Linda? Open the door, we will be late for our flight. Come on!”

/ Shot 47 Mary leaning against the wall medium close up

*/ Shot 47 Close up to her face – Mary is leaning against wall

/ Shot 48 Medium close-up on her handbag

/ Shot 48 *can hear Mary looking in her handbag for something*

/ Shot 49 Close-up on how card open the door

/ Shot 49 * card in door to open*

*/ Shot 49 side medium long shot – door is opening – (…) you can see how mary is entering

*/ Shot 49 inside of flat seeing door opening and mary walking in, mary is moving in next room

*/ Shot 49 inside of fear seeing door opening and mary walking in, mary is moving in next room, whip pan movement

/ Shot 50 Mid-shot – Mary is fully entering flat

/ Shot 50 *hear door closing*

/ Shot 50-51 Mary:”Hello? (…) Linda? Are you here?”

/ Shot 51 pan whip camera movement, long shot – empty room till Mary is entering

/ Shot 51 *hear foot steps and still voice of Mary*

/ Shot 52 *other perspective of room – long shot *

/ Shot 52 Mary is looking confused

/ Shot 53 Over the shoulder – camera is following her

/ Shot 53 *Footsteps, Mary leaving the room*

/ Shot 54 *Opening Bathroom door over shoulder shot*

/ Shot 55 *point of view shot, dead arm looking out of shower”

*/ Shot 55 close up to dead fingers in shower

/ Shot 56 Close up shot – Mary looking shocked

*/ Shot 56 Low angle shot of her

/ Shot 56 Mary:”Huuh, Oh my God, Linda!!!”

*/ Shot 56 Low angle – back of Mary running towards shower opening the curtain a small bit

/ Shot 57 high angle (hand have to stay the same as scene before, Linda have wet hair)

/ Shot 57 *sound of her running towards shower and bending down, hear sobbing sound*

/ Shot 57 *sound of opening door appear*

/ Shot 58 Mary turning around

/ Shot 59 Extreme close up on door locker, door locker turns around and door opens

/ Shot 60 Close- up, Mary is starring at door

/ Shot 61 High angle shot – Point of view shot

/ Shot 61 (Mary looking scared and confused)

/ Shot 61 “What are you doing here?”

This is my shot List:



This Work helped me to develop my ideas and how exactly they will work out. I enjoyed bringing my ideas with more detail into the script and being creative with looking for ideas. My shotlist gave me a greater view on how the opening will look like but also how much work it engage to make and create such a short video. However after I done my second edit I decided not to use certain shots and also cut out the ending a little bit. However you can see on my first that I have done all those shots, but decided during the production process that I won’t need them to make it to a successful short film.

Animatic of my Storyboard

This is the Animatic for my storyboard, it look me quite a Long time especially as I’m not a really good drawer. However I hope you can see the Basic Story Content.

This Task helped me a lot with defining my camera or actor movements and how it have to looks like to be authentic and real. I also had to make some sound research on which music I would like to use and which I can use as my background music had to be copyright free., where i achieved some developement in the research area The editing on this animatic video helped me to gain some further skills on editing and cutting with my video program which I will use for my opening scene.

Sound of my movie

The Sound of a Movie is a really important, nearly as important as the image on screen. It gives us a part of our virtual experience and can express emotions of actor or scene.

Sound is not just about Music, it also includes human voice such as dialogues and also soundeffects.

The Human voice can be dialogues, diegetic but also non-diegetic. Diegetic sounds are those which occur within the scene, those can be dialogues face to face of character but also sounds made by objects within the scene. Even music can be diegetic as long as a band is playing or the radio is playing a sound. A soundtrack on the other hand would be non-diegetic. Voice of god, sound effects added are also implicator of non-diegstic sound. And basically means that the sound is coming from outside the films world. Dialogues are important to understand the story, as most movies tell the story with dialogues, as they help to understand emotion, feelings but also motivations of actors. The voice of actors have also a great influence on how audience see characters and helps to identify what their characteristics might be.

Sound Effects can create a particular atmosphere and appropriate emotional nuance. There are 2 types of sound effects Synchronous sounds and Asynchronous sound effects.

Atmostrack is important to let the film seem real.

Foley sound meets the action on Screen and are not cut in the film.

Soundbridge is an overlapping of sound between scenes. Example: Voice of God

Music, in form of Background music. It is used to create emotions and tension and adding rhythm to the movie or a particular scene.

So what Sound should my movie include?

I will include a lot of Dialogues, as its a good way to present the story and how the characters feel about a particular situation. Other types of foley sounds will be footsteps, kissing, clothing of actors movements etc. will also be included.

My movie should also include a score as people might connect the song with my movie. So if for example my Score get played in the Radio, people might talk about my movie. For my soundtrack I chose something mystery. As the genre film noir is well known for mystery but also romance. I chose the following song because it includes quite well mystery and romance together. I chose “Dramatic Jazz Song 1”, it was easy to access as its copyright free and I was able to download it, unfortunately it wont let me put in the Audio. So I took a Screenshot of the Artist comment. And give credits to @PavicDarko, who is the Artist, you can follow on Twitter.

Credits Audio.jpg

I will also include Sound effects later on, in the editing part. This Soundeffects will include a gun-shot and running shower. This is a synchronous sound, as its matching the action which is seen on the screen. This help especially to make the film looking realistic, as for example it would be quite curious to see someone under the shower but no water running is audibly.

I’m not too sure yet if I will include Voice of god as a sound technique. But I think it would be a great way to present the story from her (one main Character) point of view and how she sees the situation with hindsight.

This tasked helped me to develop further skills of Sound techniques and to decide which one I might want to use. I found it in the beginning difficult to find a song which fits my expectations and also is copyright free. However after some research I made I found the right one, which apply in all areas to my movie.

Research Sound of Similar Openings

I chose ‘They live by Night’ for my Sound Analysis. ‘They live by night’ is a film from 1949 and is a movie of genre film noir. As I will do a Film noir movie, I decided to choose this one, as I might get some Inspiration from it, but also to see how different sound techniques work together. For me this task was important to know what other Film Noir movies are like and what sound they usually use.

sound-analysis-they-live-by-night-jilThis Task helped me to look more into detail on how different sound techniques work together. One thing I found especially interesting was how the production company decreased the soundtrack when dialogues started. It was also interesting how music can influence the mood of the particular situation. For example ascending music build up a tension, how we can see in 01:48. Or also the happy music in the beginning suggest that the couple seen on the screen is joyful without any worries. However the interrupting of music lead to the thought of a scary situation occurring next. I learned how important music and sound is in a movie to understand the story and the image seen on screen.

Narrative Theories

I created this one, on my own with the help of a digital programm


I will explain what Vladimir Propp’s narrative Theory is all about in a short video, which you can find underneath. I thought to visualise it a little bit more, I named some examples.

I also made some Research for other Narrative Theories. I created a Prezi, where the link to follow is below.


Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 14.30.24.png

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 14.30.27.png

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 14.30.32.png

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 14.32.15.pngBildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 14.32.25.pngBildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 14.32.30.pngBildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 14.32.46.pngBildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 14.33.05.pngBildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 14.33.24.pngBildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 14.33.37.pngBildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 14.33.46.pngBildschirmfoto 2017-03-05 um 14.33.51.png

After this Research I decided to especially focuse on the Equilibrium Theory of Tzvetan Todorov. As my Story will include a Woman called Mary who had a ‘normal’ life, just with everday problems. However this equilibrium gets disrupted when she meets the woman – Linda. After that she tries to get her normality back. Which is basically the Equilibrium Theory.

But I will also consider to use Roland Barthes five different codes. As the action of the first scene where Linda gets shot creates mystery as you dont know who the murder is. However Mary will find more details about who it was which gives the audience little clues who it was and how the story may end. This little clues help with the Enigma Code as the audience is left with guessing who the murder of Linda might be.

This task helped to understand to identify narrative characters, but also let me think which one i might want to use in my own production movie. But also in the Video, i learned a little bit more about how angels are working, and which one i might not use in this form. The editing processes helped me to develop further skills which the editing for my film requires. I found it quite difficult to identify which Characters might be used for Props Theory, therefore I decided not to use this Theory.


A synopsis is a brief summary of the major points of a subject or written work or story

My Story will start off with the opening scene where you can see someone is getting murdered in the Shower, out of this shot it will zoom into the gun hole and will have a time lapse in the past, this will be my act one for a set up. The next scene two years before and will be my act two and will include a big twist as, two woman meet in a bar and fall in love, one woman is called Linda, the other one is Mary and is married to her husband Charles. The ascending action of act two will be the next scene which will show how they kiss in a small street and the audience see how they go to Linda’s flat. In parallel shots we can see Mary with her husband, it is noticeable that she is not happy with her life and him. This is important to understand why she is with Linda. (Time-skip)23 Month later, Mary and Linda arranged to meet this afternoon to finish their final plans as they decided to emigrate into another country together so that Mary can split up from her Boyfriend, after she is not opening the door, Mary is breaking in and find Linda dead in the Shower. Mary decides not to call the police as she thinks her Husband is the Murder of her Girlfriend. Act three will be someone who is suddenly opening the door to Linda’s flat and we can see Mary saying surprised and scared to the Camera “what are you doing here?”, what leaves the audience to think who it is she is speaking to. This will be my opening scene.

The following part will be part of my movie but wont be seen in the opening as it should just be an introduction for my movie. After she finds Linda dead in the shower, she starts to detect after him to find out more about what happened. But instead of finding Answers, Mary find more Questions which she have to answer before she get to THE answer. Her Husband isn’t the man she believed he was and Linda wasn’t here love she expected she was. She finds out that Linda and Charles were Members of a Gangster gang, which worked against Marry, but why did Linda got murdered? Did she want to drop out? Mary comes to the resolution that it wasn’t Linda who should get murdered, it was her. So will she be the next? On her way to the airport to escape from this town with unknown enemies, she realises that her taxi driver is her husband as he turns around and says “Goodnight Honey”, and the movie ends with a shot and a scream.

I really enjoyed writing the Storyline down. I found it really creative and gave me the chance to develop my ideas. I had so much fun that I decided to write further in the Story, which helped me to think about something the audience wont expect next. As it wouldn’t be a true film noir if it would have an expected untwisted end.

9 Keyshots

The following Slideshow shows the Opening Sequence of “They Live by Night” produced in 1948. I think it is a good opening, as we see the main characters in the beginning, we see how happy they are with each other. But we can also see the captain below “This Boy and this Girl were never properly introduced to the world we live in, to tell their story” which suggest that they can’t live their life as they want. Suddenly in the next scene, we see and hear dramatic music and scared faces of the main characters. The titles in this opening stand out, especially due to their size, color, and type. It is interesting to see

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This Shot analysis was really interesting, as I learned a lot of how I might want to create my opening. We have Close-ups in the beginning but a lot of landscape shots in the second scene. The Titles are old-fashioned designed, which gives me an inspiration on how I will design my title, as it’s the same Genre. I also learned that Titles are in the Genre often bold and big.

Checklist for Key Elements


I created a Checklist for key elements I have to include in my opening scene. This is important as I can have look before, while and after filming. Film Noir sets specific probs and treats/characteristics. To make a good film noir opening we need to include the following key elements. As I’m targeting the older generation they have high expectations on how the movie and opening have to be. My target audience will be 40 years upwards. It will include strong content which may not be appropriate for children and young teenagers. Also the story will be quite complex which will make it quite difficult to understand the story of content which requires knowledge and past experience. The even older generation 65+ will have experienced the war and grown up with film noir movies, so they will expect a good opening with good probs and a real authentic setting.

☐  Smoke, Cigarettes

☐  Costumes for Female Fatales (Dress & Heels, Make-up), Detective (Suit, hats)

☐  Setting, old buildings, streets

☐  A short conclusion what my movie will be about

☐  jazz music, such as “Case Closed” by Chris Durian

☐  Shadows

☐  lightning : high contrast between black and white, low lightning

☐  Alcohol

☐  Black & White effects

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This is my ident for my production company ‘Rthyllji’. I found it important to have one, as every quality production company have one and people identify movies with production or distribution companies.

I chose to have my logo in the middle, to be focused on who is making this movie. I also chose to have my logo transparent, so that the audience can see the really bright/white background, what the audience cant really see, so it should be a hint that my is a film noir, as there is something hidden in the background what you cant see yet. The Cars driving past is especially something which reminds me on my home place in Germany, a ‘Autobahn’. Cars are also a symbol of power and often wealth. Power is one of the main focuses in film noir, who have the Power and why does he or she have such a Power. Another detail is used is how many cars are driving past. I chose to have 22 cars, which is in the Numerology known as creative, ingenious but is also linked to inspiration. My Projects will hopefully include all these Aspects, and will make it to a successful movie.

This Project Task helped me to link my ident to my actual movie. I could use some of my creative ideas, which might not the viewer directly see, but have a deeper meaning when the audience wants to find out more about my movie. Also it helped me to use some technical programs and try a little bit around. This will hopefully benefit me later in the Editing process of my movie.

Production and Distribution Ident

My Distribution Company will be Warner Bros, the reason I chose Warner Bros is that I chose a smaller production company, Rthyllji, and as Warner Bros have a big range of different audience members, it will be easy to promote my movie with the help of them. Their ident is black and white as its from the 1950’s, this is a good Ident as my movie is playing in the 1950s. Beside the bigger audience range, I also decided to use Warner Bro’s as they have produced a lot of Film Noir Movies such as “The Maltese Falcon”, “Crime Wave”, “The Big Sleep” and “Dark Passage”. They were quite successful film noirs and especially “The Maltese Flacon” is known as a true film noir and was one of the first film noir movies which hit attention. With my further Research, I had to develop my thoughts to decide which Production and Distribution companies I want to work with.

Here is a Trailer of “The Maltese Falcon”:

Production & Film Institutions

There several Production companies, but not many which produce Film Noir movies. The following Institutions produced the genre in the past and were quite successful with it. Have researched wether or not they were successful with it, to decide which one is the best to create my film noir with.

Production Company’s



Hammer is a british film production company found in 1934, with their base in London. Hammer is especially known for “Hammer-Horror” movies. Their most famous movies are: The Curse of Frankenstein (1957), Dracula (1958) and the Phantom of the Opera (1962).  However, in the 1970’s the market for horror movies became so competitive that hammer lost the American funding. Unfortunately, this external influences resulted in the closing down of the company in the 1980’s. The company gave it a second try and announced in the year 2000, it will start producing movies again, but none were produced until 2007. Hammer is in comparison to the other famous American production companies, decently small. Another point is that Hammer mostly produced specific types of genre, while the big American ones (more on them late) produced more than two or three genres, to satisfy a wider range of audience.

Hammer produced some famous film noir movie called “Man Baid” (1952), “The Last Page” (1952), “Stolen Face” (1952), “The Flanagan Boy” (1953) and “Five Days” (1954).


Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Warner Bros in one of the famous film companies based in California and New York and is a global leader of the film production companies. As it’s a really successful company, with lots of retaining profit, it could mean they could put a lot of money in my movie.

The most popular movies created or/and produced are “Sex and the City”, “Harry Potter”, “Slumdog Millionaire”.

Famous Film Noir movies are among others “Backfire” (1950), “White Heat” (1949), “Possessed” (1947),


RKO Pictures LLC

RKO Pictures is an American film production company and was one of the “big five” Studios of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

“Murder my sweet”(1944), “Born to kill” (1947), “Desperate” (1947), “Deadline at Dawn” (1946), “Where Danger Lives” (1950)



MGM is an American media company found in 1924 and is one of the world’s oldest film studios. As it’s one of the oldest production business, it have a greater experience in the film industry in general than others operating in this business.

Famous Noir movies made of Metro-Goldwyn Mayer were”Dial 1119″ (1950), “Tension” (1949) and “Side Street” (1950).


Monogram Pictures Corporation/Allied Artists International

Monogram Pictures Corporation is a Hollywood film production company especially known under producing movies with a low budget between 1931 and 1953.  The firm is now a division of Allied Artists International. Allied Artist International recently confirmed producing new movies under the monogram banner.

“Crime in the streets” (1956), “Decoy”(1946), “When Stranger Marry” (1944) and “The Guilty” (1946) are famous film noir movies.


Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures is one of the “big six” Hollywoods production film studios, with its base in California owned by Comcast.

Universal Pictures mostly created films based around drama, romance and adventure, as they achieved great success with “Bourne Ultimatum”, “King Kong”, “Dracula”, “Atonement”, “A beautiful Mind”, and are careful and avoid risk with creating movies of another genre. However, as Universal picture is a really well known company, people will be more likely to see my movie then if i would produce it with a smaller business.

However Universal Pictures is to create movies of other genres, it made some really successful film noir movies in the past. For Example, “Double Indemnity” (most famous one, 1944), “The Killers” (1946), “Touch of Evil” (1958) and “Criss Cross” in 1949.

Which Company I would like to operate with and let my film produced with?

I think i would like to produce my movie with Hammer, as they have a great experience in this genre, in form of characters, settings, etc. Another point is that it is a british production company, where i can identify myself more with then an american film noir style movie. As Hammer is producing also small and independent movies it would be cheaper for me to produce it with, then the big American production businesses. Hammer is a small company in Comparison to the big American one, but it will be cheap to produce with and as they have great experience in producing movies with success, I think its the right company to produce with.

Distribution Company’s 

Columbia Pictures gilda-columbia-logo

“Columbia Pictures” is an American film Production and Distribution Company based in California. It is a leading film studio in the world and is known as a member of the “Big Six”

The most well known movies they produced and/or distributed were “The Shawshank Redemption”(1994), “Ghostbusters”(1984), “The Amazing Spiderman”(2010).

Famous Film Noir movies produced or contributed by Columbia Pictures are: “The Big Heat” (1953), “5 against the House” (1955), “The Lineup” (1958), “Murder by Contact” (1958).

20th Century Fox 20th_century_fox_first_logo

“20th Century Fox” is also a member of the “Big Six” leading film studios in the world. Their Headquarter is in Los Angeles. It was founded in 1935. It is especially known for it’s Animation movies and effects and Science Fiction movies.

Famous movies of 20th Century Fox are “Avatar” (2009), “Star-Wars” (1999), “X-Men” (2014), “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” (2014).

Famous Film Noir movies produced and/or distributed by 20th century fox is “Laura” (1944), “Black Widow” (1954), “Kiss of Death” (1947), “Panic in the Streets” (1950).

Paramount Pictures paramoundt

Paramount pictures is ranked as one of the “Big Six” film studios in Hollywood and is located in Los Angeles as many others. It is known as the second oldest film studios in the United States.

The highest grossing movies are “Titanic” (1997), “Transformers” (2009), “Forrest Gump” (1994), “Iron Man” (2008), “Star Trek” (2009).

We can clearly see that also Paramount Pictures produce a lot of science fiction movies.

“Double Indemnity” (1944), “Dark City” (1950), “Sunset BLVD” (1950), “Ace in the Hole” (1951) are known as the best film noir movies produced and/or distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Which Company would I like to work as a distribution company?

I chose to go with Warner Bros. Warner Bros is a huge film distribution company and has a lot of experience in how to advertise movies. Also Warner Bros has a big range of audience they could reach.

The reasons why I chose a smaller production Company such as Hammer and a big distribution company in form of Warner Bros is that Warner Bros might make Hammer to bigger production company. Its more likely that they buy the movie of Hammer then of a famous big film studio as it will be cheaper for Warners Bros. But a benefit for Hammer could be a greater attention on what they are doing.


There are different ways how a film can reach the audience. In the following I will explain Cinemas, DVDs, different online portals, public viewing events and the TV.

Cinema’s cinema

Cinema’s are the most visited places for people enjoying a film with their friends and families. Especially the sound system and new technology changes such as 3D-Techniques in Cinema’s are a reason  why people are going to cinemas, it’s an expensive activity but people like to do it as a treat. So I will definitely consider to show my movies in the local cinemas and hopefully with Warner Bros support worldwide in every cinema.

Netflix netflix-logo-in-optima-font-520x245Inc.

Netflix is an american online streaming portal based in California. Netflix started in 1997 as a small company, 18 years later it reached a global audience in more than 190 countries. Netflix most audience members are between the ages of 16-34 years. Online streaming programms have a small distribution of members of the social grade A, but a lot on B,C1,C2. As I want to reach a wide range of audience I will work with Netflix so that members from this platform can watch my movie online.

Amazon Prime amazon-prime

Amazon Prime is similar to Netflix an online streaming Webpage which also exist as an App. Amazon Prime is ways smaller than Netflix which a target audience in the age of 35+ and a social grade B. This could work quite well as my target audience will generally be the older generation, while Netflix is more targeting the younger generations. As well the Social Grade plays an important factor in which audience I will be targeting, as my movie, will be relatively complex and it require skills and knowledge of different topics to understand the content in my movie.

DVD’s dvd-video-logo_svg

DVDs are a great way of home cinema, especially due to the new technology of blue ray movies. People get more comfortable of staying at home in the evenings then going out to the cinema to watch a movie. I would take considerations on publishing my movie at first in the cinema’s and maybe afterwards in form of DVDs.

Public Viewing Events public-viewing-events

Public Viewing Events are a great Idea to reach the audience in different areas. I could sell my movie to a local area, which then show the movie to the public for sale. Especially in areas where I will film my movie, the local government might have a great interest in buying the rights to show my movie.

TV 50s-tv-watching

Another way to present my movie to the public are TVs. I would consider to show my movie in the TV program after I published it in the Cinema’s, as people wouldn’t like to go to the cinema if its on the TVs  at home, which is much cheaper. TVs are the most common technology in every household, worldwide households own over 1.59 billion TVs. New technology allows to have a “Home Cinema” with the new sound and video developments.

Jelly Baby

This is my Jelly Baby Video.

In a nutshell the story is about a Superstar named “Jelly Babe”, who have a concert in Elgin. At this concert a Fan is unconscious. Jelly Babe have to interup the concert. Two years later we see them lying on a grass in a warm summer night. Thanks to the accident they found their love in each other. Jelly Babe ask Gisela to marry him. The next scene is their wedding, where they confirm each other loyalty in front of god. The end is a slow motion shot of glitter falling down to the couple.

This shot I used as the first one, as it shows the environment in which the story take place. It’s between a long- and an extreme long shot as we can’t barely see the jellybabe, but we can see his contours.

The second shot angle I used was a long shot. In this shot we can him in more detail.

For this shot i used a high angle shot similar to the birds eye view. This helped to show what is happening on the ground level.

This is a long shot, it shows the surrounding area. As in this case the Ambulance in the back, this is important as it shows what’s going on in the background and it helps to understand the story.

This is an extreme long shot, that the view is so far, that the objects isn’t visable in detail.

Film Noir Audience Research

Film Noir contains usually crime, romance, drama, sex and the use of drugs, so this could be one of the reasons why more adults and older people would watch Film Noir than children, young people and teenagers.

Another important point is that the rating for most of the movies are 15 or 18 years, this shows that it is generally more aimed for the older more mature generation.

There are different aspect why people like to watch movies. In Film Noir it’s definitely not the happy ending which attract people to this genre, as it don’t have to have one. The Audience is more looking for a surprise, or change of characters, the important bit for them is that they get entertained and thrilled.

Film Noir movies are mostly produced in the 40’s/50’s based in cities such as New York, so people who are living in New York could have a great interest on another perspective of the city in another decade, while people outside of New York would probably just watch it for the Entertainment.

The Target Audience of mine would probably the 40-80 years old Adulthood and Older people generation, as this was the type of movies which came out when they were young, and it might bring back old memories, to their “good time”.




What I thought in the beginning was that my age group the Youth/Teenage Generation wouldn’t be probably that interested in the genre film noir, as they have different interests, for example rom-coms or action movies, as its something they can compare themselves or identify with. But that was wrong, I asked my friends if they know what film noir is about and surprisingly they told me they know exactly what its about. Especially at the moment where the vintage clothe, movies and lifestyles comes back into trend.

How you seen on the photos above have I just included pictures of the male gender, as I think they will be my main Audience. However when I asked some friends at Uni they told me that many girls watch actually movies of the genre film noir. However this includes young woman in the Age of 19-26 and not younger.

This Task let me do some research on who is watching my movie, this is important when thinking about expectations of the audience. It is important to know who is watching your audience, because you can find out afterwards where they are watching movies.

Cinema Research

In this tasked I done some research of which audience is going into the cinema in form of age groups and how many family are going to the cinema.

General Audience Profile analysis:

We can see that 33.2% of all people going to the cinema are 15-24 years old. This is due that younger people have more time for their free time and like to spend it with their friends or partners outside in public. While when you’re older 45-54 people may prefer to go out for dinner or watch movies at home on their TV. Another point we see on the General Audience profile is that most social grades going to the cinema are ABC1 which are upper middle class to lower middle class known a managerial, administrative professionals which 66.3%, while C2DE  known as the working class are going seldom to the cinema, with just 33.7%. This is due to the lower income and cutting back on non-essential products. The distribution of females and males on the other hand is quite equally distributed.

Definition Upper Class: “the social group that has the highest status in society, especially the aristocracy.”

Definition Working Class: “the social group consisting of people who are employed for wages, especially in manual or industrial work”

Family Focus analysis:

Families with children of the age 7-14 are the target audience of cinemas with an audience percentage of 35.5%, as with the raising age especially in the teenager years where children prefer to go out with their friends instead of the family, there we can see a drop to 16.2% (14.8+18=    32.8:2=    16.4) . In the age of 35-44 we can see a rise again to 20.7%. Same as in the General Audience Profile, the audience is not equally distributed between the social grades. If a family have more than 1 child, it can be quite expansive to go in the cinema, not only tickets, but also the food and drinks. So mostly the social group ABC1 with 65.8% are going to the cinema.

How appropriate will the GAP and Family Focus research be?

It include accurate data, and it showed me that I shouldn’t focus on family’s going to the cinema. My movie won’t be appropriate to show 7-14 years old. It will include violent crime and sex and will probably have an age limit of 15 or 18.

What makes a good opening

I have done a survey and asked people from different cultures and in different age groups, I done it like this as I didn’t want to have a bias sample.

I found out that people find opening really important as they decide after the opening if they finish to watch the movie.

We can see that people in different age groups have a different interests and expectations on how the opening scene should be. While the younger teenage generation is more looking for action and that the opening includes more story details, is the adulthood more focused on the quality of story, they want something more complex, as they understand little parts obviously better than the younger generation which may don’t even take it for important. The adulthood also likes to watch movies which are calm, they like to watch a movie as treat and for rest, a little break from the hectic world.

Here my Results:


I created two mood boards, one in the form of a crop out collage and another one as a normal collage.

In my crop out collage, I used the basic things which we can find in every film noir, while my second one, is more specific on what most of the movies have as traits.

Alcohol: I used Ballantine’s Finest, as I saw the brand present in many Film Noir movies. However alcohol in general plays a big part in film noir movies, as men often have alcohol problems.

Smoke and Cigarettes: Cigarettes were considered as an accessory, used to reflect attractiveness

Female Fatales: Female Fatales are in every Film Noir movie. A lot of make up, in form of lipstick and mascara. A man falls for the Female Fatale. Refuses to play the role of a dependant wife and caring mother of children, she tries to gain her independence with her sexual attractiveness.

Heels: Looking attractive and sexy on Female Fatales

Detectives: classic-style, old fashioned, wearing suit and hat

Reflection: in Mirrors, to give audience another point of view

Shadows: Mystery, unclear who the person in shadow is

Old Fashioned Lanterns & Surrounding Area: Urban areas with high building

Men protecting women: seen as heroes, but men can’t show much emotion as they don’t want to loose their masculinity

Opening sequence

The opening scene i choose is from “Kiss me Deadly” and shows a pair of naked feet stumbling and running down a lonely street in the middle of the night. A woman with closely cropped hair and just wearing a white trench coat, the heavy breathing of the woman is noticeable. Many cars are driving past her, until one man stops as she’s standing in the middle of the road and holding her arms up. 

The first 20 seconds include the ident of the movie. After that (0:21-0:26) we can hear a woman breathing really heavily and running barefoot on the road. This shot is made from a high angle position and lets the audience think about what has happened before. The audience has questions such as, what is going on, what is she running away from, why does she have bare feet.

In the second shot (0:27-0:28) we can see from a mid-shot who the woman is, we can see as blond woman wearing a trench coat.

The long shot in the third scene (0:29-0:32) suggests that the woman is just wearing the trench coat, without something underneath. Dramatic music is played.

In the seconds between 0:33-0:37 the woman is running to the camera and the long shot turns into a medium close up and we can see the woman in more detail now, we can hear a car driving past her. The woman is waving for the car to stop.

Another high angle shot of the bare feet of the unnamed woman we can find in the the 5th scene (0:38), again we can hear her running on the asphalt.

The second long angle (0:39) shot is again the woman running in the direction of the camera, which then turns  into a medium shot. With her weak and exhausted voice a quiet “wait” is audible. This shows that she is tired and drained from the long running.

At 0:54 & 0:55 a very long shot camera shot is used, we can see the surrounding area and environment. The streets are dark without any lanterns. However lights of a car are visible. In the next scene (0:56) we can see the woman lit up by the lights from the car.

The next (0:57-0:59) camera position is a long shot or similar to over the shoulder view or subjective shoot, we can see her outlines, as the lights of the car light her up.

In 1:00 a subjective shot has been used, we can see the man in the car with low lightning, as he is behind the wheel driving the car and we can see him as a part of a close-up. The audience can hear squealing tires which suggest that the man swerves for the woman standing in the middle of the road.

In 1:01 I found a mistake as after the car avoids the woman, which is showed in a long shot, the woman suddenly disappears out of the picture. We can see the use of mise-en-scene as dust is created by the car stopping.

The next scene (1:02-1:08) shows the man in a close up. Due to the brighter lightning, the audience can now see his face and the angular and subjective lightening makes shadows visible on his face.

In 1:09 to 1:17 the man tries to start a dialogue with the mysterious woman. This scene is used in an over shoulder view position. The reverse shot takes place in the next scene where the woman is just breathing really heavily, and can’t talk as she’s still really exhausted because of the long run.

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*1950’s and Film Noir

I made a Storyboard out of Newspaper to create a storyboard about the 1950’s to find out more the decade and what I might like to include to make it look like it plays in the 1950’s.

research.JPGFilm Noir is especially influenced of the German expressionism movement which grown in the years before the great war and developed rapidly after the first world war as Germany was isolated from the other countries in the world. Artist used Art, Literature, Theatre but also the Film Industry to express their emotions and desire for a revolutionary change. But also the dark and mystery way film noir is seen is due to the second world war, so I decided to put Winston Churchill on my Moodboard, as he helped to bring the UK through the second worldwar. Inspired by the Genre Horror, low lighting and high contrasts were used in the genre film noir, also Shadows. Flashback and off-screen narrators are techniques used in Citizen Kane and play a huge part in shaping the final genre Film Noir.

My Moodboard is more about the 1950’s rather than influences on Film Noir, but might be important to look for political situations, such as the Korean War. It is also important to know that in this decade the standard of living was unexpected high, due to the allocation of territories in Germany. We saw an economic boom which lead to an high employment rate, which means that my movie shouldn’t include ghettos, where we can see homeless people in the background, to make it look realistic and adjusted for the time. I also included the ” ’57 cevy ” in my Moodboard, which is probably the most famous car if you ask someone who loves classic cars. These car is more like a sportscar which made a great stir in the end of 1950’s.

This Research helped me to look into more detail of the decade, which is important as I want it to look as it plays in the time period. I would need to know the environment, which includes for example the political situation and Props I will need to include.

What do I need to include

I researched already a lot of film noir traits and characteristics, and this research helped me to identify what basic traits I must include.

For Mise-en-scene in form of probs and setting, I would like to include smoke as it gives the movie a mysterious touch, someone hiding behind the smoke or something what the eye can’t reach (yet).

Another important prob is costume design and make-up, just a costume can change a person to character. As I’ll make a movie I’m genre film noir, I would like to include suits for man, plus a hat and for female fatales a dress which make them sexy and attractive. Another point is the make up, female fatales are specific known as wearing a lot of mascara, fake lashes and red lipstick. The set is also part of mise-en-scene and I would like to have an old building in the background, where the story take place.

Especially the black&white filter with low lightning and strong contrast, is a key element in Film Noir, the low lightening create darkness and mysterious shadows, however I have to be careful that I have enough lightening that the faces of the characters are lighten up enough.

Research for Film Noir

Film Noir is a French term and means “black film” or film of the night.

There are many Characteristics for a film noir

  • Violent Death –
  • Stark, angular, black shadows – these create darkness which suggest evil and mystery as the audience can’t see what behind these shadows (someone else could be watching)
  • high contrast between black and white
  • doesn’t need to have a happy-ending
  • scenes are filmed in urban areas, full of dark corner and little lightning which make it mysterious
  • black and white – before the 1950’s colour TVs didn’t exist and it reveals the shadows better, another point is that it should show that there isn’t happiness in these movies
  • smoke and cigarettes – used to suggest mystery, it is used so that the audience have to think beyond the obvious scene, because the audience can’t see everything so they should think about what may be beyond the smoke
  • lightning – the scenes are mostly with little lightning, however faces are always light enough for the audience to see
  • darkness – creates the feeling that there may be someone hiding in the dark who we can’t see yet, this gives the audience the feeling of unknown and fear
  • guns – are used to bring action and danger within the movie, mostly small guns are used which can easily be hidden, so that it could surprise the movie viewer when it gets used
  • reflection – for example through mirrors, good for showing conversations between characters as it changes the view perspective and the audience can see more of the setting. Talking through mirrors is a signal for problems, and not facing each other.
  • Female Fatales are often known as having mobsters as boyfriends and creating danger for the main character, which at the end falls for her.
  • Male Character – mostly hard-hearted and a hero, they fall for a woman or alcohol, alcohol problems

Costumes for Film Noir:

  • Woman (Female Fatales): dresses or short skirts with low necklines, hats and elbow length gloves with high heels and fur coats. Make-up: Red lipstick and Mascara. Dressing sexy and attractive
  • Male Costumes: dressed in suits and fedoras (as a hint that they are detectives or gangsters, and signal that there is a crime going on).


My Movie will include following tasks, which I think are important traits with identifying a  Film Noir.


  • Film Noir


  • Haan, my Hometown
  • a Bar in Haan
  • a Restaurant in Haan
  • my House
  • House of my mother
  • old 1950’s Car

Plot: two lesbian woman fall in love, while one is married. Flashbacks show why she might fall in Love with another Person. The non-married woman get killed, which leads into the actual movie. After the opening, the Film will be about the other woman finding out more about the Killer of her Girlfriend, and suddenly even more about her husband and girlfriend.


  • little lightning
  • dark setting
  • use torches and street lighting such as lanterns


  • cigarettes


  • Cigarettes
  • Guns
  • Woman (female fatale): make-up (in form of red lipstick, mascara), dress, hair
  • Man (Detective): Suits, Hat
  • generally clothes from the 1950’s


  • voice of god
  • Dialogues
  • Sound effects, such as Car engineer, Shower running etc.


  • Black & White, high contrast


  • high angle, low angle
  • close ups
  • smooth transitions
  • decor
  • wide/long shots
  • establishing shot
  • (other angles and shot sizes)


  • Two females
  • Two men (barkeeper and husband)

I enjoyed doing this task as I was able to be creative and create a story which I would like to see in a movie. It helped me to give me an idea on how my movie could be like and already thinking about locations and actors.


History of Film Noir

Film Noir is French and means “black film”. This genre started in America during the war, but began to receive a greater attention in the forties and fifties. The content was inspired mostly by literature and previous film history. In the thirties, crime novels were popular, also called and known as hard-boiled novels. Another point which had a great influence on film noir movies is the traditional German Expressionism in the twenties. German Expressionism is the “creative movement” and development in the Northern European culture before World War 1. It focuses on the isolation of Germany during the first World War.


But Poetic Realism was a film movement in France that also had an impact on Film Noir. It arose in the twenties and is about realistic topics, for example, a character who has an unfortunate life, but gets a last chance to change (mostly the chance of love).

All these movie styles had a great influence on how film noir movies developed, as they all have the dark image of the world in common.

Nino Frank created the term “film noir” in 1946, however this term wasn’t widely used until several decades later. In the 1970’s “Film Noir” became its own separate genre, which then was then called “neo noir”.


It is coined by American mystery crime dramas and/or psychological thrillers which all have a really similar plot and common themes. Mostly the stories include choices which have to been made in difficult or dangerous situations.

It’s especially famous for it’s high contrasts with many shadows and little lightning.

The main characters include attractive femmes fatales, heroes and anti-heroes and detectives who are seen as tough guys.

Prelim Movie 

I decided to use a story where I can use and learn about different angles and camera shots. My story is about a Senior student walking through a group of junior students, where the belongings of the girls fall down and the senior is showing no respect for them and even shout with them while they feel really bad and apologies. I think the story is good as it have a lot of emotions which i could highlight with a close up shot, or the different point of views which I could show with the help of different angle positions. I decided to go without any effects in the prelim movie, as i think its something what still happens around schools and in real life there are no effects, so I decided to keep it “real” with going with no effect.

In the first scene ( 6 seconds) i used a long shot to show a realistic scale of a human. The Long shot enables to fit objective and people in a scene without cutting anything out.

My second camera shot (7-9 second) was a mid shot, which was a good idea as the main character moved towards me. It showed some more detail about the subject, in this case Olivia as my main Character, but gave an impression of the environment.

The 10th and 11th second were an over shoulder view. In my case the object (human) is moving and therefore it changed more to a long shot with moving.

In the 12th and 13th second the camera shot is a mid shot, which helps in this situation to not only focus on the main character (Olivia) but also see the reaction of the minor characters, as the reaction of them is quite important for the further story.

14th and 15th seconds include a high angle shot, which is similar to the birds eye-view, it is focused on filming something on the ground level. In this case juniors sitting on the floor which give a good impression about the hierarchy between Senior and Junior Students.

Between the 16th and 18th second I used the low angle shot which is filmed at the ground level. At this circumstance it was interesting to film from below as it helps to understand the view of the weaker characters (Juniors) when the main character shouts with them.

In the 7th shot (19-28 seconds) the juniors start stuttering and apologising, so I decided to get this in a long shot position, to see that Olivia is in the background walking away from the juniors, while they pick up their work on the floor. The long shot position were good shot position in this situation as you were still able to see what was happening in the background.

The 8th scene (29-30 seconds) were more like a mid shot than a long shot, as you were able to see the person (Nilva Year 9 student) in more detail than you could in a long shot. So probably a medium-long shot.

In between the 31 and 33 seconds I used the medium-close shot, which helped to get more into the situation then just observing it from “outside”, it gives the audience the feeling being a part of the story.

The last shot (34-38 second) i used a close up shot and means that the subject takes up the frame as a whole. It showed the faces of the girls in more detail and helped to understand the emotions more.

Film Noir

I decided to focus on Film Noir. The genre Film Noir is old-fashioned and are classic movies which are pure entertainment. I think its really interesting how behaviour and attitudes changed over the period of time and how the world in general changed. In Film Noir movies the world is often described as a dark and claustrophobic place, this is due to the wars in this century. Now the image of the world is safe and enjoyable and this is especially due to the globalisation and time-shift compression.

Other factors are the different audience which is most likely to watch it, as it is more the older generation which this movie-style appeals to. And I think it’s interesting that adults enjoy watching this genre, and identify with it. They remember the second world war for example, while the younger audience who did not experienced war, prefer rom-coms and science fiction movies.

Another point is that we can clearly see how the environment and technology developed over the recent years. The Movies are made in Black and White which clearly shows the contrast between shadows and little lightning. Not only because the technology changed the movies are in black and white. The black and white effect shows that it wasn’t happy times, and its a dangerous place to live in where difficult choices have to be made. It is interesting how black and white filters change the view on how you interpret a story of the movie.

I focused on two Film Noir movies, which are called “Kiss me Deadly” and “Double Indemnity”

“Kiss me Deadly” were released in the year 1955 and produced by Robert Aldrich.

mv5bodaymtqxmjg5nl5bml5banbnxkftztcwnzuznza2na-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_ tumblr_mc6iv5uksy1qazanuo1_1280

In the first minutes we can already see the role models of women and men divided  in this century. Christina Bailey (alias Chlorine Leachman) says to Mike Hammer (alias Ralph Meeker) “You’re one of those self-indulgent males, who thinks about nothing but his clothes, car and himself”. This already shows how he’s acting around her and that he’s quite hard-hearted. Another important aspect is, that Mike acts like a womaniser, as he has his Wife at home waiting for him, while he’s flirting with Christina. Acting like a womaniser is an interesting part of Film Noir.

“Double Indemnity” were produced by Joseph Sistrom in 1944.


Barbara Stanwyck (alias Phyllis Dietrichson) persuades Fred MacMurray (alias Walter Neff) to kill her husband for her to receive the insurance death claim. MacMurray gets himself into the crime until he realises that something is wrong with the murder plan and so he starts to get suspicious of Barbara.

Design a logo

I chose to design a personal logo for my production company. My Company will be known as “Rthyllji”. “Rthyllji” is a close link to myself, as its a part of my name and i want the company to be closely linked to my personality, as i want it to be authentic and personal.


My first Logo I designed was this one, I chose the little line with the Heart as my production will come from my Heart and I will put a lot of effort in which reflects the Heart in a quite good way. The Name on my Production company will be ‘Rthyllji’ as its a part of my Name and its a really extraordinary name, which people will remember.

However, I found this logo quite boring at the end as its not transparent and I will have some problems with the ident im looking forward to. That the reason why I chose to design some other Logo’s at the end.

logo second not.png

The other Logo I created was the black and white one of a compass. Beyond the compass stands the company name ‘Rthyllji’. I like the black and white one as my film genre is film noir and is with a black and white filter.

However I found it quite boring without colour, so I chose to look for other logos again.


This was another logo I produced. I wanted  to bring in that I was a film production company so I thought the Regisseur chair was quite interesting to make use of. It have still my name and production company and now also my Birth-year, which I found good as its a close link to ‘Rthyllji’ and makes my business Autenthic for the public. The red and black contrast works really well and is seen as an eye catcher. But even when it fit quite good in what my production company is doing, I thought it is not really something I stand for and that is my main aim for the production company, authentic, real, myself!


The colour i choose for this logo design is simple, but reflect me in many ways. Pink is my favourite colour and i try to attract people with the same interest as me, as if I’m doing something passionate I can and will make it great and I hope my audience members will see it the same way, as we share same interests. Another point is that, pink combined with white is the combination of innocence, and will be a contrast on what my genre is based on.

“EST. 1999” is basically my year of birth, which links to “Rthyllji” as the Business should not only be known as a production company but also as me as a Person.

In a Nutshell, the Production Company should for me be something personal where I can identify myself with! The flower however I found a little bit to simple and decides to create another Logo, which is really similar, as I was happy with the rest of it. logo-rthyllji

So I’ve made a similar logo but with another flower in it as I found the flower more remarkable and people may easier remember my logo and therefor my production company.

The rest of the Logo stayed really similar, the good thing on this final logo is that it is a really good and high resolution and I can easily use it in other editing sofwares.